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After 56 months of instability, the Governor’s rule was issued in the politically important Chakma Autonomous District Council (CADC), one of the three constitutional tribal autonomous bodies in Mizoram, officials said here on Saturday.

The State Government imposed Governor’s rule for 6 months and appointed the Deputy Commissioner of Lawngtlai district as caretaker on behalf of the Governor to exercise such functions or powers as may be exercised by the CADC with immediate effect.

Officials said that the CADC’s Chief Executive Member (CEM) Buddha Lila Chakma resigned from his post earlier and Mizoram governor Hari Babu Kambhampati accepted his resignation on November 17 and then Rasik Mohan Chakma claimed to be the CEM of the CADC. .

“The governor is of the firm opinion that constant changes in this administration due to political maneuvers are very damaging to the welfare of the CADC and its people, and certainly not what is intended in the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution, which envisages the effective administration of the area. tribals,” said a notification issued on Friday night.

He said that a Commission that was constituted earlier, submitted its report recently, and said that in the absence of recruitment regulations, a number of irregular activities occur in CADC without following appropriate procedures.

Tribal leaders criticized the state government’s decision.

Chakma Development Foundation of India (CDFI) founder Suhas Chakma said that the imposition of the governor’s rule in the CADC is wrong in law, arbitrary and without any link. The CADC is a constitutional institution that has its own house and according to the constitutional scheme of the supreme court in the case of SR Bommai, all that matters is whether a party in question has the majority to prove on the floor of the house or. not

The governor did not do the same, Suhas Chakma said in a statement.

“If political maneuvering that harms the welfare of the people is the basis for imposing Governor’s or President’s Rule, the same rule can be imposed in all Autonomous District Councils, States and India as well,” the CDFI leader said.

Instability in the CADC continues after no political party obtained an absolute majority in the 20-member CADC election held in April 2018.

Amid a hung council and the BJP, which won five seats, tried to form governance in the CADC with its arch-rival Congress, which bagged seven seats, rather than its NDA ally, the Mizo National Front, which has eight members

For the socio-economic development of different tribal communities, Mizoram has three tribal autonomous bodies – Lai Autonomous District Council (LADC), Mara Autonomous District Council (MADC) and CADC.



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