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What do you get for the man who has everything? Well, maybe the things that need better care and maintenance said it all, including a portable shoe shine stand from Lorenzo Milan, improved garment bags from Arterton and handmade Japanese hangars from Nakata. And if that hypothetical person happens to be you, we hope you’ll find plenty of worthy gifts below to keep your most valuable menswear investment in tip-top shape for years to come.

Lorenzo Milano Shoe Care Travel Kit with Leather Case

Mr. Porter

Unfortunately, these airport and train station shoe shine stands are not as common as they used to be. The solution? Bring your own shoe shine stand with this leather travel case from Lorenzo Milano, complete with polishing creams, brushes and natural bristle wood brushes.

Buy now at Mr Porter: $1,085

Arterton signature bag


To protect against dust, moths or the indignities of travel, it’s important to have a quality garment bag rather than the plastic freebies that may have come with your garment purchase. Instead, invest in this version from Arterton, which is made from strong waxed canvas and finished with a double zip that saves you from struggling to get your valuables.

Buy now on Arteron: £76.67 (about $95)

Ettinger Leather Balm and Polishing Cloth


Leather, let’s not forget, is leather. And just like your own epidermis, it needs a little hydration here and there. For this, consider the specially formulated Ettinger Skin Balm, which is rich in natural and nutrient-rich ingredients and can be applied with a dab of the included polishing cloth.

Buy now at Ettinger: $27

Ralph Lauren Brennan Valet Hanger

Saks Fifth Avenue

Valet coasters are a powerful symbol of a more elegant past that is in danger of disappearing forever – in other words, the stuff Ralph Lauren is made of. The brand’s own take on this vintage contraption is as sophisticated as possible, crafted from solid brass and leather and designed to hold your jacket at night when you’re too tired to put it back in the closet.

Shop now at Saks Fifth Avenue: $2,595

Double Sided Hanger Project Ebony Deluxe Clothes Brush

Hanger project

We were going to tell you that you should have two different clothes brushes, one for wool and one for cashmere. But that advice is out of date thanks to the Hanger Project, which has spent years developing this double-sided hog hair brush, with the shorter bristles for handling wool and the longer side for cashmere.

Buy now at Hanger Project: $295

If you’ve never called a suit hanger “sexy,” then you’ve never seen Nakata’s AUT-03. Handcrafted in Japan from European beech, it features contoured sculpted shoulder pads that will beautifully complement a bespoke suit and can be engraved with the owner’s name for that special someone.

Buy now at Arteron: £65 (approx. $81

Bennett Winch SC Holdall

Bennett Winch

If there’s one thing we recommend against doing with a suit, it’s crumpling it in the bottom of your carry-on. Fortunately, Bennett Winch has solved this common travel conundrum by developing the SC Holdall, which is essentially a garment bag that can be wrapped around a matching bag and secured with magnets and straps.

Buy Now on Bennett Winch: $1,150

Steamery Cirrus passenger steamer

Mr. Porter

We’ve all heard of the “shower trick,” but you can save water and give your suit a more targeted wrinkle-removing effect by packing a Steamery travel steamer. Best of all, it’s ready to remove wrinkles in just 25 seconds, ensuring you’re not stuck for an appointment you’re already late for.

Buy now at Mr Porter: $145

Cedar Shoe Tree by Sid Mashburn

Sid Mashburn

Some might say that a shoe tree is hard to get excited about, but we’d argue that it’s hard to keep a shoe worth the investment in fighting shape without it. From loafers to oxfords, you can’t go wrong with this classic offering from Sid Mashburn, crafted from unvarnished cedar, which will freshen up your shoes and add a nice touch of the woods to the shoe section of your closet.

Buy now at Sid Mashburn: $30

Reshoevn8r Executive Cleaning Kit

Reshaevn 8r

As sneakers continue to be respected as a good investment, a sneaker cleaning industry has sprung up around them. Perhaps the most thorough option on the market comes from Reshoevn8r, whose Executive Cleaning Kit comes complete with cleaning solution wipes, shoe trees, sneaker laundry bags and more to keep your spirits looking as fresh as the day you they were bought.

Buy now at Reshoevn8r: $249

Johnstons of Elgin Eco Wash Wool & Cashmere Shampoo

Johnstons of Elgin

If you’re going to wash your most expensive cashmere sweaters at home, you need to know what you’re doing. And few are more skilled in this department than Johnstons of Elgin, who have been working with fine wool and cashmere since 1797 and now produce this fabric-specific soap made with plant-based ingredients and lightly scented with cedarwood and orange oil for repelling moths.

Buy now at Johnstons of Elgin: $25

Moth trap for professional clothing

Hanger project

We do not harm any living thing – except clothes moth. These pests can bite the dust with these traps that use weaponized pheromones to lure unwanted cabinet breakers into an early grave.

Buy it now at Hanger Project: $115


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