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Reportedly casting Harrison Ford at Marvel Studios Captain America: New World Order as Thunderbolt Ross made tons of headlines in recent months. Now, the Hollywood icon has finally addressed his upcoming MCU debut.

Harrison Ford Talks About Joining the MCU

Harrison Ford, Captain Marvel

Speaking to The Playlist, Star Wars veteran Harrison Ford broke his silence on joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Thunderbolt Ross.

When asked why he was interested in joining the popular superhero franchise, Ford admitted that he just now “Want to do some of the things I’ve never done:”

The Playlist: “What are you interested in? [joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe]?”

Ford: “Hey, look, I’ve done a lot. I want to do some of the things I’ve never done.”

The Playlist then asked if he was gearing up in a motion-capture suit to film scenes as the Red Hulk (who became Thunderbolt Ross in the comics), to which Ford shared a non-verbally embarrassing response:

The Playlist: “Are you gonna do the mo-cap thing and all [for Red Hulk]?”

Ford: [zipped-lips motion]

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