Haverhill and area fire departments receive state grants for protective clothing and equipment | Popgen Tech


Haverhill and other communities are among those sharing state grants to purchase critical protective gear for firefighters.

Haverhill received $35,000 from the Fire Safety Equipment Grant Program and Lawrence received $28,997; North Andover, $24,584; Groveland, $15,072; and West Newbury, $12,500. This is the third year that money has been allocated as part of a five-year, $25 million bond bill to support firefighter safety and health in the coming years.

“We demand so much from our firefighters, and no matter how dangerous or difficult the situation, they always do what they can to help,” said Gov. Charlie Baker. “This program is an opportunity to make sure they are properly protected every time they answer a call for help.”

Massachusetts fire departments were able to apply for this program for 121 different types of eligible equipment, including ballistic protective clothing, thermal protective clothing, washers and dryers, thermal imaging cameras, various hand tools and rescue equipment, communications equipment, hazardous gas meters, fitness -equipment and much more. In many cases, purchasing this equipment helps departments meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration and National Fire Protection Association safety standards.

“Every time a firefighter goes on the job, they may be asked to rescue a child from a burning building, clean up a hazardous materials spill, treat a patient with an infectious disease or rush into a hostile event to rescue and treat casualties,” said State Fire Marshal Peter Ostrosky “This program is vital to helping fire departments prepare for the wide range of hazards they face today and to ensure firefighters return home safe after every call.”


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