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While Hawkeye is an eyebrow-raising choice for a Disney+ show, his series is a rare relief amid the sadness and loss of the MCU’s Phase Four.

Despite the series debuting over a year ago, Disney+ is promoting Hawkeye as Marvel Studios’ holiday comfort show. The surprising thing is that Hawkeye is very much in line with the themes of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, it’s also a great rewatchable, feel-good series.

Despite the popularity of Hailee Steinfeld and Kate Bishop’s character, Hawkeye was not quite expected. This angered the “It should’ve been Clint” contingent of fans who still disagree with Natasha Romanoff’s choice to sacrifice herself in Avengers: Endgame. But since Phase 4 is about grief in the MCU, Natasha’s death creates a central emotional conflict in the series. The series also expanded the world of the MCU. From Rogers: The Musical in long-standing hatred of Ronin in the middle of the underworld, Hawkeye is the rare Marvel Studios project that worked to advance the MCU story while still telling a complete personal story. Vincent D’Onofrio’s return as the Kingpin was expected due to Echo’s involvement, but that was the only fan expectation that came true. Everything else about Hawkeye — including how entertaining and rewatchable it is — came as a real surprise.

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Hawkeye Is One Of The Most Rewatchable Disney+ MCU Series

Hawkeye takes some significant steps forward in the MCU version of the character. Die-hard fans have previously called out Renner’s Hawkeye as hearing impaired from the comics. The TV series corrected this. After years of big fights and outbursts, Clint got a hearing aid. The show also looked at the dichotomy of Clint’s return to his family versus his time as Ronin on a Punisher-like death rampage. While an honorable sacrifice is a quick way to deal with that, the journey he’s been on Hawkeye and in Kate it was used to great advantage.

One of the best things Hawkeye appeared why Kate idolizes Hawkeye by saving him from one of the Chitauri soldiers. Kate doesn’t mention this to Clint, but it subtly informs their relationship throughout the show, with Kate stepping up to “save” Clint — even though the only time she’s truly successful is when she’s transcribing of a phone call with his son after his hearing aids broke. Their holiday movie night would have been more forced if Kate had bluntly said, “Clint you’re my hero.”

Everyone in the cast — especially Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop — delivered excellent performances that elevate the series. The main part of the show, and what makes it so entertaining to viewers, is the way Renner and Steinfeld sell Clint and Kate’s bond. When the series ended with Kate apparently moving into the Barton household, this was what viewers expected to happen. They want to see this character again, but if he stays forever in happy moments in a happy household? That’s as good an ending as any superhero could ask for.

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Why The Hawkeye Series Fits Into Marvel Studios’ Fourth Phase Of Storytelling

Kingpin in Hawkeye.

The holiday setting, the raw charisma of the stars and the level of street adventure can be made Hawkeye like a Phase Four outlier. But grief and loss permeate the Disney+ series as much as it has in other MCU stories. There was Kate’s grief for her father and her mother’s turn. Clint and Yelena Belova both deal with their sense of loss and their blame for Clint’s death. Echo blows up her entire life after realizing that it was her beloved “uncle” Kingpin who sent Ronin to her father. But Clint returns to his family and Kate has a new family after her mother is arrested. The series ended on a positive, hopeful note.

That feel-good ending was done Hawkeye rewatchable. The elements of sadness are subtle, unlike Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, where grief and loss are central to the story. Perhaps the trappings of Christmas helped sweeten that bitter pill. But those themes are intentional Hawkeye fits perfectly into the tapestry of the larger MCU –and successfully passes the heroic mantle from Clint to Kate. It’s an incredibly satisfying stand-alone story about a man at the end of a long, painful hero career and the younger mentor eager to step up for the fight.

The series could be a victory lap or swan song for Renner at the end of his MCU tenure. But that didn’t change Hawkeye tells a heartwarming holiday story about family, acceptance and doing the right thing. It’s a quintessential comic book story that works so well during the holidays — or any time of year.

Hawkeye is now streaming on Disney+.


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