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A New Hampshire-based group has sent some holiday cheer where it’s needed most, making a trip to Poland and Ukraine to deliver much-needed supplies for refugees.

Alex Ray, owner of The Common Man Hospitality Family in New Hampshire, visited the region with a group of volunteers and distributed food and supplies to thousands of refugees left behind in the wake of the ongoing war in Ukraine. 18 tons of food, 1,000 sleeping bags and 24 generators were just some of the items donated to help during the harsh winter months.

“Today was an incredible day – we had more than 20 trucks, volunteer trucks from the city of Zamość, to drive food and sleeping bags,” said Ray. “We give them just what I said – heat, warmth, kindness and more joy for the Christmas season.”

On Saturday, December 17, the group visited around 21 orphanages in western Ukraine where “Santa Claus” and dozens of “elves” delivered Christmas presents to more than 1,300 orphans.

The effort all started in May when Ray started raising money for the people of Ukraine.

“Our Rotary gave $500 and from that we went to more Rotaries,” Ray said. “(They) came in and people just started sending us money and it was amazing.”

In total, The Common Man Ukraine Relief Fund has raised more than $2.4 million dollars to help people in need. Ray said that all of this is possible thanks to the generosity of the people of New Hampshire.

“Absolutely beyond any expectation, the generosity,” Ray said. “And we want to keep going, so please think about it – it’s not over yet.”

Ray said he hopes to make another trip to the region soon. The volunteers were due to arrive back in Boston on Wednesday afternoon.

More information about the relief fund, as well as how you can donate to it and other Common Man projects, can be found here.

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