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Marvel Snap has been quietly adding new cards over time to the new Series 4 and 5 pool, and you might not even notice until they suddenly appear in your game one day. It could be because someone spent tokens and bought them, or because a card or location “give you a random card” put them in your hand.

This week, after adding Knull last week, the game has added new Marvel characters, Sentry and Darkhawk, with others like Nebula and Random coming soon, apparently.

Here’s what they do:

  • Sentry, 4 energy, 8 power – Can’t be played in the right location. On Reveal: Add -8 Power Void to the correct location

  • Darkhawk4 energy 3 power – Continuous: +2 Power for each card in your opponent’s deck

So, some pretty weird options here. What would you use each of them for?

Sentry is probably the most interesting case here with his -8 power void. Obviously that would be great for a Bar With No Name featured location because you can automatically win that spot. But that’s quite the situation. Apart from that, you can destroy the power void with Venom, Carnage or Deathlok. Finally, he’s also a use case for Viper, which can give -8 power null to your opponent like a Super Hobgoblin. You can play him with Zero or Cosmo to negate the effect. But overall, it seems like a 4/8 Crossbones or a 4/8 Jessica Jones have easier conditions that don’t require a disruptive power drain on your side, so I’m just not sure how good a choice she is, or if he costs 6,000 tokens for being Series 5.

Darkhawk is somewhat simpler. His nature means that he will lose power over time and your opponent will draw more cards. He should have a fairly fixed power start/decline figure, as there are a lot of cards that can put cards on your opponents handbut few put additional cards in their deck. And really, only locations that make you pop 1-2 cards. He gets destroyed by a card that destroys your entire deck, of course. You can pair her with Black Widow, which automatically prevents a draw on a turn for your opponent, meaning an extra card stays in their deck. He seems very situational and I feel like there are probably better options for the 4 slot, given how much he’s likely to lose in the end game after more draws.

So yeah, I’m not overly impressed with any of these, and I doubt they’ll be worth the tokens at the moment. That may change as more synergistic cards are added, but for now, I have my doubts about them.

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