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2023 will be a new kind of year for Marvel Studiosand that’s largely because, after Phase Four, many MCU fans will expect the company’s Disney Plus formula to improve since these are the series that will form the bulk of its content strategy.

All things considered, next year will see Marvel release twice as many miniseries as movies, with 6 TV shows and 3 movies, meaning it needs to bring its A game on streaming to defeat the notion that the Disney Plus series dilutes the value of the MCU or, at the very least, that not everything it puts out is worth watching. Undoubtedly, the trend is downward in interest and viewership for shows, not movies, so what lessons can be learned from Phase Four’s TV experiments?


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Timing Is Everything, Even In The Multiverse

Time travel to Ms.  Marvel

It’s safe to say that the overall performance of Phase Four, from both an artistic and commercial point of view was marked by experimentation, but regardless of the tinkering that affected Marvel’s very successful formula, not all changes were completely voluntary. The Disney Plus era of the MCU, and the service as a whole, began during the COVID pandemic, at a time when many consumers have extra viewing time they can devote to entertainment, and thus are likely to less selective in their choices.

WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldierand Lokitwo of Marvel’s most watched series, all released when Marvel fans were experiencing post-Endgame withdrawal symptoms because there really isn’t any superhero movie that can compete, or has Star Wars has completely made its mark on streaming. That landscape changed when the Marvel movies returned to theaters and new Disney Plus content went beyond The Mandalorian and some animated films.

Under former CEO Bob Chapek, Disney Plus toyed with the days it dropped new episodes for Marvel shows, either Wednesday or Friday, as well as double-dipping at times, because it was a bit known Ms. is amazing in short have to compete for attention Obi-Wan Kenobi. Similarly, all series involving legacy characters from the Infinity Saga came out before the newcomers, and eventually left Moon Knight and He-Hulk eventually.

Riri Williams Ironheart Black Panther Wakanda Forever

There’s a reason concerts have opening acts and main events, and it’s arguable that Disney Plus could be set up this way, but unfortunately, 2023 will once again feature Nick Fury’s Secret Assault and Loki earlier in the year and left Heart of steel, Echo and Agatha Harkness for later. Although it is clear that this schedule is planned in the following years sometimes, including The miracles as the summer movie slate closes, Marvel Studios may have taken it upon itself by relegating its less popular characters to a quieter period.

If Disney and Marvel want their new superheroes to succeed, they should give them the best chance to do so, and this should be a no-brainer with releases when interest in the franchise is high and the full attention of fans can move to streaming shows, not the other way around. By 2023, Disney and Marvel executives should have enough data in hand to perfect their timing.

What’s Really Wrong with Disney Plus’ MCU?

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A common complaint among Marvel fans is that many of the Disney Plus series play like 6 episodes that 4 years ago were made into a movie. Another is that, despite the extended format and time, MCU shows continue to be formulaic in their approach, as fans expect the typical big reveal in the penultimate episode, followed by a big CGI battle. in the finale.

Television gives the writers newer avenues to explore, and that should include a slight departure from what has become a port of the Marvel third act from the movies. Disney Plus’ MCU currently doesn’t fully embrace that change, except for He-Hulkas well as its two special performances, Werewolf in the Night and The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special.

Of course, He-Hulk was one of Phase Four’s worst performers when it came to viewership, however, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is proof that audiences don’t have any issues warming to new Marvel characters, as long as they’re presented the right way. Like many of the WandaVision, He-Hulk adopted the TV format in its entirety, which is one thing Echoa series belonging to Daredevil’s world, must really be in its DNA.

Come back when Daredevil is on Netflix, no one will argue Jessica Jones, The punisherand Luke Cage are not TV shows, and as such, they are never placed next to Marvel Studios movies for comparison. As long as viewers continue to find the same tropes from the MCU movies on Disney Plus, the latter will continue to be seen as a place for B-listers who aren’t considered important enough to get their own movie.

loki mobius episode 6 Cropped Cropped

The Secret Assault The storyline is very complex, and while Marvel Studios certainly compromised many aspects of it, Nick Fury’s solo adventure seems to easily fall into the “too long movie” or “not enough episodes for a TV series category. Loki is Disney Plus’ biggest hit for Marvel, and considering the fact that it has a guaranteed second season, it’s not a surprise for a studio that believes in its importance in introducing Kang the Conqueror, as well as style like mission in each episode. for Loki and Mobius.

Marvel’s problems on TV aren’t born out of a failure to live up to the traditions of the MCU, but rather from sticking too closely to that formula. Considering that all of these series will still be made, because Disney Plus will always need more content, showrunners should treat streaming like a creative playground where new ideas emerge, just like What if…? doing. Failing to do this won’t kill the shows, but it will continue to make them less special, especially as their frequency increases.

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