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Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers for the Disney+ series, Ms. Marvel.

At the end of its sixth stage, Ms. is amazing wraps up in a storyline that feels both epic in scope and intimate at the same time. A young Pakistani living in Jersey City, Kamala Khan’s (Iman Vellani) origin story as Marvel’s newest superhero is balanced with his life as a high schooler from an immigrant Middle Eastern family. His journey to his new powers is accompanied by his journey to learn about his family’s heritage, taking him around the world to Pakistan and even back in time to British Occupied India and the Indian Partition.

One of the things that Ms. is amazing so great that, no matter how broad the show’s subject matter is, it’s always very personal and immediate to Kamala herself, her culture, and her family life. We already know that the finale won’t be the last we see of him — he’ll be making his next appearance The miracles in 2023 with his longtime idol Carol Danvers (Brie Larson), also known as Captain Marvel. However, the events at the end of Ms. is amazing finale gives some hints about his next foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Like many Marvel properties, Ms. is amazing has a mid-credits sequence where it does most of the set up for The miracles. The scene begins with Kamala entering her room wearing her superhero costume; he fell back, furious, on the bed. From below, his mother Muneeba (Zenobia Shroff) yell at him to do his science homework. However, Kamala is soon distracted by her bangle starting to glow and pulsate with purple light. Then, she barely managed to scream before being thrown into her closet by an invisible force and vanished. From the point where Kamala had disappeared, Carol Danvers, or Captain Marvel, stood looking in wonder at her hands as they glowed with the same purple light. He picked up a piece of the demolished wardrobe to reveal a piece of poster with his face on the other side. He looked around his unfamiliar surroundings with horror, realizing that the room he was in was literally covered in posters, art, and memorabilia. “Oh, no no no no…” he said, before exiting the screen. Then, of course, the screen cuts to black.

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Kamala Khan’s fascination with the Avengers, but specifically Captain Marvel, is a big part of her character; After all, it was as a personalized part of his Captain Marvel cosplay that he first put on the bangle, and at AvengerCon where he first displayed his powers. Although some fan theories suggest that Kamala shape-shifts into Captain Marvel, it seems unlikely: Carol Danvers looks shocked by her surroundings, and the camera’s emphasis on her reaction to these surroundings instead which in his physical body indicates that he and Kamala have switched places. When he pays attention to his own body, it is to look at his hands and the unfamiliar purple light emanating. Marvel itself actually clarified what happened in the finale on its website, stating that Kamala was “absorbed by some unknown force.” Even though Ms. Marvel can shape-shift in the comics, it appears that this is not what is happening in the finale.

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Since Carol and Kamala switched places, we’ll probably see what Captain Marvel has been up to since then Avengers: Endgame. Perhaps the transfer occurred in the midst of some sort of intergalactic threat – in which case it makes sense that Captain Marvel would be extremely distressed to find himself transferred to another location. And if it’s Kamala now in Carol’s place, and Carol is in fact in the middle of some cosmic showdown, that certainly doesn’t bode well for Kamala. While Kamala has come a long way in learning to control her powers since the beginning of the show, she still has a long way to go before displaying the kind of astronomical power that makes Captain Marvel a threat.

Nakia (Yasmeen Fletcher) and Kamala says goodbye to Bruno (Matt Lintz) before he left for Cal Tech. Before he goes, he tells Kamala that his access to Noor is unlike the rest of his family, explaining why he has superpowers and they don’t. “There’s something wrong with your genes,” he said. “Like a mutation.” Kamala shook her head, not wanting to think too much. Of course, a superhero with a mutation remembers only one thing: X-Men.

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Fox owns the rights to X-Men and with the idea of ​​mutants within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that means the MCU has no access to the word or any of the characters owned by Fox. However, in 2017, Disney acquired Fox–and, therefore, the rights to bring mutants back into the MCU. Kamala’s character was conceived without Marvel owning the rights to the mutants; he was written as an Inhuman, a group of genetically engineered superheroes that first appeared The Fantastic Four comics. However, it seems that now that Marvel has the rights to the mutant again, the MCU will adapt Kamala as a mutant instead of an Inhuman as she is in the comics. If this is true, he will be the first mutant of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although other X-Men such as Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver have been characters in the MCU prior to 2017, they have never been referred to as mutants; nor is the X-Men themselves mentioned as an organization. This is the first time the word “mutation” is explicitly used.

This is not to say that the Inhumans will not feature at all in future films. In the Marvel comics, the Inhumans are the results of experiments by an alien race called the Kree, where the Kree manipulated the genetic code of humans. In Episode 3 of Ms. is amazingKamala’s grandmother Aisha (Mehwish Hayat) finds the bangle on a blue arm as if it belonged to a Kree alien. It seems possible, therefore, that the MCU may be combining Mutant and Inhuman lore: replacing the word Inhuman with Mutant, but the mutations are created as a result of genetic testing by the Kree. It probably won’t be a general rule, but based on the presence of the Kree in Ms. is amazingthis is quite likely to be true for Kamala at least.


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