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There is no doubt that the most iconic Marvel Comics superhero of all time and the most popular superhero in the history of comic books is Spider-Man, who also has the most relatable story and personality of all the different characters there are. we seen in fiction. Of course, Spider-Man is also very strong and has some of the most impressive powers and abilities in the comics. But how strong is Spider-Man?

Spider-Man has a power level of 4 on’s Power Grid, and that means he can lift a lot of tons, as he can do over ten tons on a regular basis. However, in the comics, he was able to prevent the entire building from collapsing due to the sheer force of his will.

While we know Spider-Man has the proportional strength of a spider, he can also push past his regular limits using the force of his will, and that’s why he’s often one of the most -inspiring Marvel Comics superheroes. Some will say it’s plot armor on his part, but Spider-Man has always been capable of amazing feats on his own. Now, let’s see how strong Spider-Man is.

How Strong Is Spider-Man?

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Throughout the history of Marvel Comics, we’ve seen many iconic and powerful superheroes take to the pages of one of the most popular comic book companies of all time. However, not many of those superheroes can match the massive popularity of Spider-Man, who stands as the most iconic superhero that Marvel Comics has.

Of course, while we know that Marvel is home to some of the strongest comic book heroes like Thor and the Hulk, Spider-Man has been pretty awesome in his own right because he’s actually incredibly strong. too. And his strength comes from his spider physiology.

Peter Parker got his Spider-Man powers when he was bitten by a radioactive house spider. Of course, we know that spiders are really strong in proportion to their size, because they have strong legs that allow them to perform incredible feats of strength for creatures as small as they are. And Parker’s got the same kind of proportional strength that spiders have.

In that regard, Spider-Man gained physical abilities that far exceeded the limits of a regular human as his physiology became similar to that of a spider in the sense that his strength increased in proportion to how strong spiders are for their size. Because of this, Spider-Man has superhuman strength which is given a level 4 by’s Power Grid.

With this, Spider-Man’s strength allows him to lift nearly ten tons on a regular basis. In most cases, this seems to be the upper limit of his strength, although this is not always the case, as we will see later. Spider-Man’s strength also extends to the rest of his body as he can jump very high in a fast and explosive manner due to his powerful legs. Furthermore, he can survive attacks that would normally hurt regular people or even other superpowered characters.

Another ability that Spider-Man gained after changing his physiology was his web crawling. According to Spider-Man’s Marvel Fandom page:

Spider-Man’s exposure to mutated spider venom causes a mutagenic, cerebellum-wide alteration of his engrams resulting in the mind’s ability to control the flux of interatomic attraction (electrostatic force) between molecular boundary layers. This overcomes the normal behavior of the outer electron shell to pair with other outer electron shells and allows the enormous potential for electron attraction to dominate.

In layman’s terms, the change in Spider-Man’s physiology allowed him to mentally and almost instinctively affect the attraction between the surfaces of different objects. This power is mostly concentrated in his hands and feet, as he is able to stick to walls in a way that seems second nature to him. At one point, he managed to get his mask stuck to his face when he prevented Anti-Venom from removing it.

Spider-Man’s enhanced physiology has also increased his reflexes to a point where they are 40 times greater than a regular human. That means he can react and act 40 times faster than any regular human whenever he needs to react quickly to a certain situation. Combined with his Spider-Sense, which allows him to instinctively sense any impending danger, Spider-Man can react to any type of attack and act on instinct without having to -think about what he needs to do next.

But as powerful as Spider-Man’s physiology is, his indomitable will has allowed him to win battles he shouldn’t have won. His desire to be someone bigger than himself and to be a hero to his family, friends, and the people of New York and the world allows him to will himself to success and come out more stronger than ever. And he does this despite the fact that he struggles to juggle different aspects of his life, such as his personal relationships, work, schoolwork, and superhero duties.

The Best Spider-Man Works In Comics

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Credit: Marvel Comics

As powerful as Spider-Man is, one would think that his strength pales in comparison to what iconic heroes like Thor and the Hulk are capable of. But the truth is that Spider-Man’s strong will allowed him to achieve great success in the comics.

At one point, Spider-Man manages to lift the entire Daily Bugle building above his shoulders when the Green Goblin uses one of his bombs to bring the building down. Not willing to let the building crush Mary Jane, Peter Parker summons all the strength in his body to stop the building from completely collapsing. And Spider-Man did the same at Penn Station when the structure was about to collapse on him, as he said that even Thor himself would struggle with that kind of weight.

In The Amazing Spider-Man #328, Spider-Man uses his strength to fight a rampaging Hulk to par, as he manages to punch the enraged beast into low Earth orbit. Because of this, he has enough strength in his muscles to actually launch a person into the planet’s atmosphere. But fans should note that he used Captain Universe’s powers in that fight. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t be able to do that to the green giant.

However, Spider-Man’s greatest feat of strength in the comics is showing just how strong his will is, especially when it involves the people he loves. In possession of a drug that could save Aunt May’s life, Peter Parker finds himself in a battle with the Lizard, as he is swept under countless tons of steel. This happened in The Amazing Spider-Man #33.

As he was about to be crushed, Spider-Man thought not of himself but of how he had failed Uncle Ben in the past. Not wanting to let Aunt May down when she needed her the most, she mustered all her strength to fight the odds and pull herself out of the situation to save her beloved Aunt.


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