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As students, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet set strict limits on fashion. You it is not possible buy new sets of clothes, such as new shirts, pants or shorts, or outerwear, but you can change the look of your character with accessories and seasonal uniform changes.

How to change into Pokemon Violet and Scarlet


You can change clothes and other style options pressing left on the directional buttons. It educates Outfit menu.

In this menu you can choose from four types of clothes: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

In addition to school uniforms, you can customize the following categories of clothing and accessories:

  • Divine clothing
  • Shoes
  • Gloves
  • Bags
  • Headwear
  • Glasses
  • Rotom phone case

A few items from the School collection are given to you by default, along with other items such as the canvas backpack, horn-rimmed glasses, and sneakers – white. For more options, you’ll need to visit the stores.


In this Clothing menu, you can also change selected parts of your appearance by clicking +. Here you can change the shape of the eyes, the color of the contacts, the eyebrows and much more. You can’t change your hair this way. You will need to visit a salon to change your hair.

Clothing and accessories stores

All over Paldea you will find clothing and accessory shops. Each one specializes in a certain type of clothing, and each store offers unique items. Clothing stores are located in Mesagos, Levinzia and Kaskarafa.

Below are the types of shops that can be found in various locations around Paldea.

General clothing stores


In clothing stores such as Rough & Tough, Veracidad, and Seguro style.

Check out what these stores have to offer in our shoppables encyclopedia by clicking or tapping on the store name with the link. More general information about clothing stores will be added soon!

  • Mesagoza is rough and tough
  • Levincia Rough and Tough
  • Levincia Verocidad
  • The style of Levinsia Segura
  • Cascarrafa Rough and Tough
  • Cascarafa Verocidad
  • Cascarrafa Seguro Style

Hat shops

You can buy hats of various styles in the Capbourg shop. More details on each store will follow soon.

  • Mesagosa Capburg (part of the fashion street)
  • Levincia Capbourg (part of Fashion Street)
  • Kaskarafa Kapburg


Hat shop preview not loading
Some hairstyles will not allow you to wear hats. If you cannot wear hats in your current style, the hat preview will not load in the shop menu. You can double-check if your hairstyle is the cause of the problem in the Outfit menu. If you try to select a hat there, a message will appear saying that your trainer cannot wear a hat with the current hairstyle. The headwear salesperson will also tell you if your hairstyle doesn’t match the headwear.

You can change hairstyles only in salons. All hairstyles and their compatibility with hats will be coming soon.

Bag stores

Find a variety of bags at Bagin’s, the bag store. More details on each store will follow soon.

  • Mesagoza of the Goddess
  • Levincius Begin
  • Cascaraf Bejin

Shoe stores

The main shoe store chain in Paldea is called Zapaldea Footwear. More details on each store will follow soon.

  • Mesagoza’s Zapaldea Shoes (part of Fashion Street)
  • Levincia Zapaldea Shoes
  • Cascarrafa Zapaldea shoes


Sock shops

Legs and socks can be found in a variety of stores, but you’ll find a larger selection of socks at Sock Quarter. More details on each store will follow soon.

  • Mesagosa Sock Quarter (part of Fashion Street)
  • Levincia Sock Quarter (part of Fashion Street)
  • Kaskarafa’s sock quarter

Glasses shops

Shop for glasses and sunglasses at Spec Shack. More details on each store will follow soon.

  • Mesagoza Spec Shack (part of Fashion Street)
  • Levinsia Spec Shack
  • Cascarrafa Spec Shack


Take a look at these helpful guides below:

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