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With the new Dream Styles feature in Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can change the clothes and even the form of some of the Disney Village residents.

Among the many exciting new mechanics, items and features that Toy Story Update added Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, one new mechanic that many fans may not have been aware of is the ability to change clothes for villagers. As the Savior of the Valley and the “star of the show”, the main player character is the main character who will get the most customization options for their avatar. The possibilities for creating a perfectly personalized style are endless, but some fans may wish they could do the same for their friendly villagers. Now with the latest update for Disney’s Dreamlight Valleyplayers can customize their fashionable look Disney symbols.


Dressing up a villager Disney’s Dreamlight Valley performed using a mechanic known as Dream Styles. Unlike the player character customization options, the choices available for villager NPCs are pretty stark. In other words, Dreamers cannot create or change every aspect of a villager’s clothing, but they can choose to Disney the character wears if the outfit is available. For example, if players are advanced enough in their limited-time Holiday Star Trek, they can unlock a Merry Mickey for 50 Star Trek Tokens.

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How to use Dream styles in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Using Dream Styles to dress up villagers in Disney's Dreamlight Valley

Standard Mickey Mouse outfit Dreamlight Valley this is its original look from many years ago. He wears no shirt and bright red shorts with double buttons. However, the new look of Merry Mickey brings the festive spirit of the season, featuring an outfit with a smart top hat, red bow tie, shiny suit and blue trousers. Once players unlock this variant of Mickey Mouse’s skin, they will be able to change the villager’s outfit to Disney Dreamlight Valley by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Open the main pause menu, which displays Dreamlight’s duties, map, and collection.
  • Step 2: Open the Collection and select Characters from the list on the left side of the screen.
  • Step 3: Scroll down the villager selection and select the one with the “wardrobe” icon above their portrait.
  • Step 4: A popup window will appear allowing players to select a dream style for their villager Disney Dreamlight Valley.

As noted above, only characters with unlocked outfits can change clothes Dreamlight Valley. Also, clothing isn’t the only element villagers can change about their appearance. Based on gameplay footage from YouTuber “my day old tea”, players can change the villager’s appearance when he has several options. For example, the YouTuber was able to switch between Ariel the Mermaid’s form and her human form in the Dream Styles menu. Disney’s Dreamlight Valley it is likely that this mechanic will be expanded when the game receives new updates in the future.

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Source: YouTube/my day old tea

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