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With great influence on the public at this time, Joe Rogan has taken over the internet with his unique and personal perspective on various things happening in the world today. From talking about geopolitical topics to talking about random everyday things that can attract a larger audience, UFC Color Commentator engages people from all walks of life of living with his intellect and mind.

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Joe Rogan

With his interests spread across many different things and subjects, he is also a huge nerd when it comes to comics and pop culture. Well known to many popular DC Films and Marvel Studios stars, he has openly talked about how his life has been influenced by superheroes and supervillains from both of these pop-culture juggernauts. Although, like most fans of these publications, he also has his preferences.

Joe Rogan Is A Marvel Comics Guy!

Joe Rogan.
Joe Rogan enters The Joe Rogan Experience

With his fame spreading through the medium of his podcast, Joe Rogan has garnered a fan following like few other talk shows. His opinions on various topics have made a huge impact on the internet and people usually turn to him for insights. Of all the differences that interest one of his many topics of discussion, superheroes and comics are something he enjoys talking about regularly.

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Along the lines of discussing various things from the MCU and DCEU, he is also an avid lover of comic book lore from both publications. Often seen going back to the source materials of the two, people always wonder which of the two Joe Rogan prefers. The answer has already been given by Rogan in an interview with Alonzo Bodden, where he mentioned what he doesn’t like about the ‘Smart Hulk,’ and he also said how he is a big fan of Marvel.

Known to have hosted many visitors to The Joe Rogan Experience connected to Marvel and DC, this revelation may ruffle some feathers of fans of the show who are more DC fans than Marvel.

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The Marvel Vs DC Debate

Marvel vs. DC

Since the beginning of comics, the war between publications has the best selection of superheroes. From comparing powers to direct battle simulations between superheroes from these universes, fans keep the flames of war burning bright. Although it is not too difficult to see similarities between many characters from both sides of the aisle, fans still try to ignore them in order to establish the supremacy of their personal favorite universe and will continue to do so until at the end of time.

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