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A BARCODE scanning app can spot branded clothing for up to 3 cents off, a TikTok influencer has revealed.

Dealswithnat2 focuses on highlighting the biggest savings at retailers like Walmart, Lowe’s and Kroger to her 58,000 followers on TikTok.

Dealswithnat2 finds summer items for just 3 cents


Dealswithnat2 finds summer items for just 3 cents
It was just one of the pairs she grabbed for just 3 cents


It was just one of the pairs she grabbed for just 3 cents
It was the most expensive $1 item in her collection


It was the most expensive $1 item in her collection

In this recent video, she found some Ben Hogan shorts and polo shirts for just 3 cents.

Using her Walmart barcode scanning app, she found that a tan pair of men’s Performance golf shorts cost just 3 cents, down from $16.92.

But massive savings were not attributed to this couple.

Dealswithnat2 revealed that the navy and gray versions of the shorts were also marked down from $16.92 to 3 cents.

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Savings extended to Ben Hogan golf shirts.

Dealswithnat2 found several Solid Ottoman Golf Shirts also marked down from $16.92 to just three cents.

Finally, she revealed the most expensive of the bunch: the Performance Print Golf Shirt, marked down from $16.92 to $1.

More hidden sales

Some of Walmart’s biggest deals aren’t displayed in-store.

Many clearance items are unlabeled and must be detected using Walmart’s barcode scanner.

Fellow TikTokers tishfreebies were also able to find a few items of clothing for just 3 cents.

Like dealswithnat2, she focused on summer off-season clothing as well as children’s clothing.

Perhaps most incredibly, another TikTok influencer, SynthiaSave, has introduced a patio set that used to cost $897 for just $5.

Some 3 cent exceptions

While clearance prices are usually honored, there have been cases where Walmart has claimed they were listed in error and were not honored.

The Sun recently reported how several TikTokers complained that they were unable to purchase items at the advertised sale price of 3 cents.

The Sun reached out to Walmart to explain its hidden sale policy.

As always, prices and policies may vary depending on your location.

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