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The New Year is fast approaching, which means that New Year’s events are just around the corner! New Year’s Eve fashion is a lot of fun with all the usual sparkles, sparkles and sparkles. However, many clothes that are generally considered appropriate for New Year’s Eve tend to be difficult to change into. Which is 1. Not very sustainable and 2. Kind of a waste of money. I’m not saying don’t buy a shiny new outfit to ring in the New Year, but I will say before you go to the mall or shop online, stop by a few stores first to see what’s already there! In this way, you will get a completely unique New Year’s look that will not break the bank.

I challenged myself to visit my local landlord on a mission to find clothes that would make the perfect Christmas outfit. Here’s how it went!

On a trip to my local Value Village looking for clothes for New Year’s Eve, my eyes were generally open to anything that sparkled. I came across this cute shiny black hoodie. I also found a pair of black leather pants that went perfectly with the tank top! Paired with platform shoes and a glittery clutch, these items will be perfect for the New Year.

I also found this purple sparkly top that can be paired with just about any bottom for a simple but effective New Year’s Eve look.

Next, I found this colorful sequin dress that is sure to turn heads at any New Year’s event! I thought it went perfectly with the black jacket, which I discovered had some beading on it, making it totally New Year’s approved.

When I came across this gradient sequin dress on the rack, I was so excited to take it out and take a look, and I was not disappointed! The gradient kind of reminds me of the night sky, so it’s very appropriate for the New Year. I think it would look great paired with sheer black tights, black heels and maybe even an oversized blazer.

I think this silver dress by BCBG Max Azria would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve house party, maybe even with a knit cardigan thrown over the top for a cozy glam vibe. Or simply wear as is for an overall glamorous look.

This was probably my favorite find of the entire visit. It resembles a modern Christmas dress and looks effortless with its boxy silhouette. I also love the combination of sequins and sheer black fabric, it’s just luxurious. I think this would be perfect for absolutely any New Year’s Eve event!

The last couple of items I found are a black leather skirt with some hardware to add a bit of grunge and another sparkly tank top! One thing I learned on this thrifting trip is that there is no shortage of sparkly tank tops in the store. I’m picturing a tank top tucked into a skirt paired with knee high boots and a biker jacket for a cool girl vibe this New Year’s Eve.

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