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A MUM has come up with a brilliant trick to get the most out of your fan when you have to dry your clothes at home.

Many Brits need to air their clothes, but space is often limited – especially if you have small children.

She hangs some clothes and folds another


She hangs some clothes and folds anotherAuthor: Tik Tok
It saves her so much space


It saves her so much spaceAuthor: Tik Tok

Luckily, one savvy mom has provided a time-saving way to make sure you’re using all the space on your fan.

TikTokker Liffie offered a tip to her followers on the social media platform.

She says her partner came up with the idea before sharing it with his viewers.

Liffey begins, “If, like us, you need to dry more clothes in a shorter amount of time, but you have to rely on a fan, you need to try this.”

The method involves her putting the wet clothes on hangers before she goes to the drying equipment.

She said: “Any clothes that fit in drawers, just hang on the fan as usual.

“Tape any hanging clothes to the shoulders and hang them over the fan.

The savvy mom told her followers that the hack is guaranteed to “save a lot of space.”

The TikTok user added: “Hanged items can be put straight into the wardrobe when they are dry.”

In the caption, she confirmed that she will continue to use the hack for a long time.

Liffey wrote: “This laundry hack has absolutely changed the game and we will continue to do so. No more stacking 101 items of clothing (unless they go in drawers 😆).

“Plus, once I hung it up, I noticed that the clothes were less wrinkled too!

“This hack is definitely a permanent fixture in our house,” she concluded.

Her followers were quick to comment and wanted to try the idea for themselves.

One wrote: “Thanks for sharing, I didn’t even think about that and I’ve used a fan for years.”

Another echoed: “Thank you very much. just did it now.”

“Been doing this for years, including nightwear, saves so much time,” added someone else.

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So many clothes can fit on the fan


So many clothes can fit on the fanAuthor: Tik Tok

Hacky Leafy has amassed over 8,000 followers on the popular platform.

Her videos focus on cleaning, motherhood and mental health.


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