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The Juggernaut was introduced as one of the X-Men’s most dangerous villains in Marvel Comics, but his redemption became a powerful hero.

The Juggernaut is one of the deadliest X-Men villains who exist as his strength is backed by demonic magic and his ferocity is utterly unmatched–but his power doesn’t always have to be used for evil, and Juggernaut’s ultimate redemption shows that he always has potential to be the strongest hero of all. together.

Cain Marko became the Juggernaut after he stumbled upon the hidden Temple of Cyttorak and held the mystical gem of the old god in his hands, pledging himself to the demon king and henceforth becoming his agent of chaos on Earth. With Cyttorak’s power, Marko becomes a monstrous monster that is physically unstoppable and can only be brought down by psychic attacks. In his first few appearances–and actually, for quite some time in the Marvel Comics continuity–the Juggernaut used his powers exclusively for evil. Whether it’s terrorizing his step-brother, Charles Xavier, and the X-Men or teaming up with Black Tom to pull off elaborate heists, Juggernaut is useless every time he’s on panel–that’s why. surprisingly when he was portrayed as a heroic pacifist during one of the darkest times of X-Men history


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In X-Caliber #1 by Warren Ellis and Ken Lashley, readers are introduced to a mutant named Switchback who travels from the war-torn United States to the world’s most remote, coldest place to meet the one person who can lead him to safety: the Juggernaut. This book takes place during the Time of the Apocalypse where history is almost completely rewritten following the death of Charles Xavier which split the timeline. In this branched reality, Xavier is killed by his time-traveling son, the Legion, allowing Apocalypse to rise to power unchallenged. Apocalypse then took over all of North America and planned to do the same to the rest of the world. However, there is one place that is said to be just a myth, a place that Apocalypse will never touch because no one will dare show him the way: Avalon. Avalon is a paradise hidden within the frozen tundra, and the man standing at its gate is the Juggernaut. While this version of the character is a monstrous monster like his Earth-616 counterpart, this one is a pacifist who only seeks to lead humans and mutants in need to a place where they are truly safe. –shows no interest in villainy or violence of any kind.

Juggernaut’s Redemption in the Age of Apocalypse Confirms His Heroism in Krakoa

The Juggernaut found redemption in the Age of Apocalypse.

While Time of the Apocalypse takes place within a different timeline, it is a twisted reality from Earth-616 and not an entirely different universe–like What if…? storylines. Therefore, the way a character acts Time of the Apocalypse is how they are likely to behave in the main continuum. If a hero like Cyclops is a villain AoA, meaning he has the potential to become one with Earth-616–and the opposite is true for Juggernaut. As previously established, Juggernaut spent most of his career in Marvel Comics as a villain, but in the current age of X-Men comics, Juggernaut finds redemption and becomes a mutant policeman in Krakoa as part of Nightcrawler’s Legionaries. While that change in character seems out of place for Juggernaut, as he has committed some major atrocities in the past, this Time of the Apocalypse the comics proved that he can really be a hero, so his new role is more believable than fans imagined.

Then Juggernaut redeemed himself in a whole other timeline, the door was open for him to do the same in the primary reality of Earth-616–to bring him back from one of X-Mengreatest villain, to one of Marvel’s strongest heroes.

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