Justin Bieber calls H&M products made without his consent “garbage”. | Popgen Tech


These clothes are there Justin Bieber saying baby, baby, baby, no.

The “Peaches” singer has hit out at clothing company H&M for allegedly using his likeness on some of its products without his permission.

“I did not approve [sic] any collection they put on H&M,” Justin wrote on his Instagram Stories on Dec. 19, “all without my permission or approval from SMH.

And while the founder of Drew House wants to make it clear that he hasn’t given H&M the green light for their new items, he’s also urging fans not to buy the items.

“I wouldn’t buy it if I were you,” he continued. “The H&M stuff they made of me is garbage and I didn’t approve it, don’t buy it.”

As for the collection Justin is talking about, the brand has recently released several pieces featuring the Grammy winner, including a bag, shirt and sweatshirt featuring Justin, as well as sweatshirts featuring the words “World Tour” and lyrics from his song “Ghost.” which reads: “I miss you more than life.”


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