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Kate Hudson says she wants to work on a Marvel movie.

By Jessica Scott | Published

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Could Kate Hudson be a superhero? Not really, but according to Variety, he and his brother – The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Wyatt Russell — think it would be awesome if he did.

“I remember [Wyatt Russell] calling me and going, ‘You gotta do a Marvel,’” Hudson said. “I would be open to it, for sure. Why not? If it’s right, I like it, I think I’ll have a lot of fun.

Kate Hudson on the possibility of joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe

In her recent conversation at BAFTA’s Life in Pictures, Kate Hudson revealed more about her willingness to be in a Marvel movie in the future. However, he focused more on the past, discussing things like how he insisted that Matthew McConaughey be cast as his co-star in How to Lose a Man in 10 Days.

With the power to approve or disapprove most aspects of the film, Kate Hudson wielded a lot of power on that film set; a power he used to make sure he had the right leading man. He suggested bringing in McConaughey because the two have a lot of chemistry and “I’d love to play with him.”

Kate Hudson went on to say that the actor has a great “competitive spirit” like him, which is perfect for a movie where the two main characters are constantly trying to beat each other at their individual games. It’s no Marvel movie, but the fun, light-hearted film did well with audiences, and is still considered one of the classic rom-coms of our time thanks in large part to the strengths of Hudson and McConaughey.

kate hudson marvel
Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson in How to Lose a Man in 10 Days (2003)

Judging by some of her other revelations in that same statement, Kate Hudson might actually enjoy working on a Marvel film because it’s more drama-heavy. In his opinion, comedies require more energy, because the actors have to maintain their energy and keep “on” all day. It’s exhausting, and he says that at the end of a day of filming a comedy, he just wants to sleep.

She also touched on another topic that she says isn’t brought up enough: female-led films. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway not only starred, but also produced their film Bride War from 2009, but he wants to see more of it in Hollywood. The actress praises Marvel for having leading heroines like Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), but notes that it’s still very rare.

Kate Hudson also mentioned that, while she has been in the business for decades, she and her stepfather, Kurt Russell, have said that many actors who land a role every 5 to 10 years will earn another 10. years of fame. Could a Marvel movie be the next role for Hudson?

While it’s not necessarily in the plans right now, that doesn’t mean we won’t see Kate Hudson in a Marvel superhero costume in the future. Anything is possible, and with the number of epic blockbusters the MCU is churning out (and the number of famous faces in the cast), it wouldn’t be an impossible dream for Hudson – or for fans – to hope he shows up in some capacity in a future Marvel movie.


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