Letter: “Please use helmets, bright clothing and hands” | Popgen Tech


JUST the other day, riding through Cemetery Junction at dusk, I met a young cyclist also crossing the junction.

He managed the incredible feat of cycling without the aid of reflective clothing, a helmet and headlights.

Also his hands. He couldn’t use them because, I guess, he was writing a farewell message to his old mother.

Although, to be honest, I wasn’t close enough to see what he was actually doing on his phone – he could be setting up his smart meter at home, downloading the latest “The Rest Is Politics” podcast, or cleverly setting his phone to night mode, which makes the whole process much easier.

In the event that this young man is still alive and breathing, I recommend him to the Moscow State Circus, as he undoubtedly owes it to us all to display his undoubted talents on a larger stage.

If he unfortunately failed to hold on to the one life he was blessed with, I cannot pray for his soul as I live in Southbourne, not medieval England.

Unfortunately, this kind of death-defying behavior is all too common in Bournemouth, so as a cyclist I can heartily recommend the use of helmets, bright clothing and even hands.

With peace and goodwill,


South Road, Southbourne


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