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PITTSBURGH — The Light of Life Rescue Mission’s holiday giveaway has taken on special significance as winter approaches.

Potentially life-saving gifts such as coats, socks and hats have been distributed to some of the most vulnerable.

“The weather is changing, so they need to get warm clothes,” said Executive Director Jerrell Gilliam.

Gilliam and his staff are preparing for additional people at the shelter. It is already nearing capacity, but the cafeteria can add 20 seats.

“We also have outreach groups that go out to the camps to come in and get out of the cold. As you know, it’s one thing to be cold. This kind of weather can be life-threatening,” Gilliam said.

One woman told us she’s staying warm by staying at the shelter and has advice for those who may be hesitant to get help.

“I would tell them to come inside and not be outside and get sick or end up in the hospital,” she said.

The shelter will be open 24/7 to help people who may need it in the coming days.

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