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  • Emily in Paris star Lily Collins has shared where she thinks her character keeps his large wardrobe.
  • The actress told Women’s Wear Daily Friday that she imagines Emily has a “giant wardrobe” of clothes.
  • Collins said she thinks the titular character would share a unit with her fictional friend Mindy.

Emily in Paris star Lily Collins said she imagines her character’s vast wardrobe living in the storage room she shares with her fictional best friend.

Speaking to Women’s Wear Daily at a screening of the show’s upcoming third season on Thursday, Collins, who plays the titular Emily, opened up about her character’s love of fashion. The show was hailed as a fashion lover’s dream and condemned by critics as an unrealistic depiction of French style.

Collins said she “loves” the idea of ​​”suspending disbelief” — allowing herself to accept aspects of fiction as reality for pleasure — when it comes to Emily’s vast collection of clothes. She added that she thinks her character could share a wardrobe with her best friend Mindy, played by Ashley Park.

“I like to think that he and Mindy have a giant stash of clothes that they share, or maybe Emily does a clothes rental business,” she said.

The actress also shared more details about Emily’s style in season three, noting that she will “start to look a little more French as she draws inspiration from her friends and colleagues.”

“She’s still bright and bold and all the things I love about Emily, but it’s a little more pared down and refined,” Collins said.

Collins and Park are also good friends in real life – Collins told Glamor UK in January that Park was her “soul mate” who helps her “not question or question who I am now.”

The pair posed together for photos at Thursday’s show, with Collins wearing a white Valentino mini dress with glittery bows and silver platforms, WWD reports. Park wore a stunning purple dress with a lace bustier and shiny black boots.

Lily Collins and Ashley Park at a special screening "Emily in Paris" season three on December 15, 2022 in New York.

Lily Collins and Ashley Park at the special screening of the third season of “Emily in Paris” on December 15, 2022 in New York City.

Nina Westervelt/Variety via Getty Images

Season 3 of Emily in Paris premieres December 21st on Netflix.


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