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Loki Star Jonathan Majors recently explained one of the weaknesses he feels about being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Majors is set to take on one of the most important roles in MCU history as he takes on Kang the Conqueror, the biggest baddie of the Multiverse Saga, following Josh Brolin’s efforts as Thanos. In the Summer of 2021, he accepted his first challenge as part of this role, playing a wild Kang Variant in Loki named He Who Remains and helped eliminate the Multiversal insanity that followed throughout Phase 4.

The actor has been nothing but complimentary about his time working at Marvel Studios, discussing his training regimen to get in shape for the role while also teasing what’s in store for his future as Kang.

But while this high-profile part in the MCU has a lot going for it, Majors recently revealed an aspect about the job that isn’t always so great.

Jonathan Majors’ Views on the Downside of the Marvel Role

Jonathan Majors, He Who Remains

Speaking to CinePOP, Loki Star Jonathan Majors talks about his experience playing Kang the Conqueror for Marvel Studios.

When asked what are the best and worst things about doing a superhero movie, he mentioned that the best thing is seeing how much the fans appreciate the work he and his co-stars do in the movies, especially at big fan events:

“The best thing about doing a superhero movie is very similar to the effect we had yesterday. We just see people, we just go nuts with appreciation and fandom. And that’s just great. It’s just so human. A bunch of folks just chanting, and shout, and celebrate each other, and celebrate something that you know we’ve done as human beings you know on such a high level. I mean, that’s kind of rewarding. The big endorphin hit. And the worst… I don’t know, it’s all good. Yeah, it’s all good.”

As for the worst thing, he explained the nervousness he was feeling “before the movie came out, or, for example, just before… they showed a clip” to fans, it’s called “probably the most unpleasant thing” about being part of the MCU:

“I would say the worst thing is, I’m getting it for a while and we’re about to get there before the movie comes out, or, like, right before… they show a clip, there’s a [nervous] feeling that you get like, ‘Oh my goodness.’ The feeling of being so… I don’t mind it. But that’s probably the most unpleasant thing about making one of these superhero movies.”

Majors Is Anxious About Fans Seeing His MCU Work

While Majors’ problem with being in the MCU doesn’t seem like a big deal, it does show how much he cares about his work in regards to how fans perceive it. And especially since he acts as the biggest antagonist in the MCU since Thanos entered Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgameit’s only natural that he feels a bit of pressure to make sure his work on screen is done as smoothly as possible.

Fortunately, the reception he received was amazing even though the world was shocked by his debut in the last episode of Loki Season 1.

The first trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania presented the first look at the Marvelous Kang of the MCU, showing his manipulative nature, teasing how powerful he will be once he unleashes his power in the Multiverse. And while it’ll be a while before fans see how much of an impact he’ll really have on the MCU, Kang will show just how much of a problem he’ll be before long.

Season 1 of Loki is now streaming on Disney+. Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania will be released in theaters on February 17, 2023.


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