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From a clothing brand that took Soho outdoors, unleashed logo nostalgia and collaborated with iconic London restaurant Berenjak, PICANTE is now stepping into the world of drinks with its own – you guessed it – picante.

Picante’s claim to fame began at Soho House, specifically its Miami Beach House outpost. Here, the club members serve a spicy version of Tommy’s margarita, called “Picante de la casa”. Known for its creamy clear hue and single Serrano chili sitting in ice with a salt rim, the drink became an instant hit overseas – something that was catapulted by the Instagram meme page Soho House Memes.

Today it’s more than a drink, but a household name in the world’s members’ club and something that greatly inspired PICANTE, a brand (not affiliated with Soho House). Today, PICANTE is launching its own Picante drink, inspired by the success of the soft launch trials at the joint PICANTE launch party Berenjak.

Made with tequila, Serrano chilies, fresh lime juice and agave, the creation comes to life courtesy of JKS’ beverage division, Airmail. The duo will serve six 150ml cans, and only 300 cases are available. Blended and canned in London, PICANTE DRINK keeps things at home, offering same day delivery in London and less than one hour delivery to some areas – but of course anyone in the UK can buy.

Go to the PICANTE DRINK website at 1pm on December 16th to secure your box.

DISCLAIMER: We do not encourage irresponsible drinking and/or underage drinking. Drink responsibly and legally.

In other news, 818 has created a chocolate bar with toffee and tequila.


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