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Considering it’s the sequel to the hugely successful Thor: Ragnarok, and based on one of Jason Aaron’s most successful comic series, it’s hard to believe that Love and Thunder delivered such a lackluster performance.

During a tumultuous time in the MCU, many of its favorite heroes are currently retired, new, or moving on to the next big installment. Thor was meant to be a sure bet for the fandom. However, according to fans, the film is instead considered a misstep by popular New Zealand director/writer Taika Waititi. Here’s how some of the Marvel fandom really feels about Love and Thunder, and Waititi’s continuation in the MCU.

Reading the various reviews across Reddit shows fans’ disappointment for the film.

Summarizing the film’s plot, some Redditors considered the film a ‘joke’ in general. Fans have raised their displeasure with many elements of the film. Including finding the plot weak in general, as if it was thrown together with no real flow.

Fans even compared it to the poorly received Thor: The Dark World. However, it is interesting to note that the film currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 66%; a full 2% higher than Love and Thunder’s score.

Although the sequel probably tries to recreate much of the much admired humor from its predecessor. Fans were quick to point out many of the gags were often dropped throughout the film and seemed forced. Some also point out how it feels like there aren’t high stakes for the heroes to fight. So there is no reason to care about the characters or their circumstances as a whole.

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Any emotional scenes in the film are described as rushed and completely unconvincing. Except for the scene between Gorr and his daughter. Although many of the actors were criticized for sub-par acting in the film, Christian Bale’s performance was generally praised. This only led Reddit users to teasingly ask, how was he tricked into filming.

Overall, the verdict for Love and Thunder is considered wasted potential. It includes ideas and themes that could work well, but ultimately seem shoehorned together in a way that fails to meet its intended tone.

The humor and style, closely associated with Waititi’s film brand, led to much of the film’s failure being blamed on him by the Marvel fandom. With several Reddit threads demanding that he never be allowed to touch a Marvel movie again.

Neither Waititi nor Hemsworth have confirmed that they will make a third Thor movie together. However, he admitted that if he wanted to do another one, he would want to make it completely different and unexpected from any other Marvel movie. Comparing his vision to Thor in an indie road trip movie.

It seems unlikely that fans will get more out of Waititi’s Thor movies than they want. He’ll really need to bring some godlike energy to his next contribution to the MCU if he wants to win back the fandom.


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