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In both Marvel Comics and the MCU, Iron Man is no pushover, but one story shows that even with his full arsenal, he can be brought down single-handedly by Guardian of the Universe‘s Gamora. It’s no wonder then that Thanos adopted him; his defeat of Tony Stark is proof that Thanos’ enhancements and his own abilities make him one of Marvel’s best fighters.

Marvel’s 2013 event Infinity brought to life Earth’s worst fears when Thanos returned to Earth, seeking to kill the one person he feared could defeat him, his secret son, Thane. This event is also notable for the introduction of Thanos’ Black Order, which will appear later Avengers: Infinity War. As is tradition with many of its events, Marvel published a series of one-shots What if? stories, exploring what might have happened in the Marvel Universe if the era had been different Infinity. Just as the main event showed how powerful Thane was, an alternate reality proved that none of Thanos’ children are pushovers, especially Gamora.


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In What if? Infinity – Guardians of the Galaxy #1 by Joshua Williamson and Jason Copland, Gamora is forced to go head-to-head with an armored-up Iron Man, and defeats Tony with seemingly little effort in hand-to-hand combat. This comic takes place after the events of Infinity, which ended with Marvel’s Illuminati secretly capturing Thanos’ body, frozen in Thane’s stone. However, in its reality What if? comic, the Guardians of the Galaxy discover that Thanos has been captured by the Illuminati, and decide to kill him once and for all, leading to their clash with the Illuminati.

Gamora Proves to Iron Man That She Is a Cosmic Powerhouse

Gamora defeats Iron Man

Throughout her history, Gamora has repeatedly shown how powerful she is. In addition to his natural abilities, Thanos enhanced his strength and resilience with technology, while subjecting him to the brutal training that made up the majority of his upbringing. In What if? – Caregivers, Tony didn’t even hit Gamora, but even if he did, other comics showed him to be stronger enough to withstand her. In Brian Michael Bendis, David Marquez and Sean Izaakse’s Civil War II #5, he proves to be stronger than Iron Man’s armor after being hit directly by his repulsors, which he can withstand. It’s not his most impressive work, like Bendis and Valerio Schiti’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 4 #1 showing that he is resilient enough to survive falling onto the surface of a planet from orbit.

However, considering the circumstances of the comic, Tony’s defeat is perhaps not as straightforward as it may seem. What if? – Caregivers is narrated by Rocket Raccoon, who is in a bar telling the story of the defeat of the Illuminati and Thanos. Based on his retelling, it’s likely that the success of the Guardians was somewhat overstated. Elsewhere in the issue, Drax is shown to be somewhat unlikely to be one-tapping Mr. Fantastic, and the humorous tone definitely suggests to readers that Rocket might be exaggerating more than a little. whatever it is, GamoraThe aforementioned power set defeats him Iron Man still completely reasonable, and it is a pity that MCUThe Guardian of the UniverseThe powerhouse never got a chance to test his mettle against him.

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