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Marvel Comics just answered one of the biggest mysteries facing the Hulk, while revealing the ultimate question of whether he’s a human for the monster.

Spoilers for Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #1 by Marvel ComicsSince his very first appearance in the pages of Marvel Comics, a question surrounding the Hulk always asked, ‘is he a man or a monster?’ In a new preview for Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #1, Marvel answers the ultimate question in the Hulk saga, as the inhabitants of Sakaar call out the Jade Giant for being a true monster in the Marvel Universe.

Before the Hulk joined the Avengers or turned green, he made his debut Hulk #1 by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee from Marvel Comics. In the debut issue for the mighty hero, the cover posed one of the greatest questions in Marvel Comics history: “Is he human or monster… or both?” While Marvel has offered different answers to the question over the years, in a new preview for Planet Hulk: Worldbreakera specific response was shared, as an entire planet that Hulk once ruled sees him as a monster.


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In a new preview for Planet Hulk: Worldbreaker #1 by VC’s Greg Pak, Manuel Garcia, Cam Smith, Chris Sotomayor, and Joe Caramagna, Marvel looks to the future of Sakaar, the planet Hulk once ruled as Sakaarson. Grand Priestess Venkiera asks if their former leader, the Green Scar, is a “hero or a monster?” with his saying that the Hulk was a “monster” blindly followed by the people of the planet. The declaration refers to Avengers lore, as the first appearance of the Hulk raised the question of whether the Hulk was a man or a monster. Unfortunately, the future ruling class of Sakaar does not see the Jade Giant as the hero he once was for the planet.

The Hulk May Get Another Chance To Prove He’s A Hero, Not A Monster

Hulk may still have a chance to prove he’s a hero to Sakaar, as a young woman named Talo is looking to save her brother from cultists on the planet. However, the green-skinned youth may not encounter the same Hulk who once ruled and championed Sakaar, as the preview indicates that Skaar will play a major role in the series.

MILLENNIUM! A thousand years from now on the planet Sakaar, a young woman with green skin is searching for the legendary Green Scar to help save her brother from a group of apocalyptic cultists. But which Hulk will he find? And after all these years, is he really the Sakaarson, who will save us all—or the Worldbreaker, who will destroy us?

Ultimately, the cultists in Sakaar declaring the Hulk to be a monster and not a hero is a great callback to the original question posed on the cover of Hulk #1. However, the answer to the ultimate question in Hulk lore may not be the truth, as the Jade Giant still has a chance to prove that he is a hero, not a monster in the future Marvel Universe – or at least his son Skar. Planet Hulk: Worldbreak Marvel Comics #1 hits comic shops on Wednesday.

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