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Anyone who has seen the latest Marvel movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, will be familiar with the newest character introduced to the MCU, Namor.

The convoluted character left the audience wondering for most of the film what his intentions were. However, he eventually turns against Wakanda and even kills Ramonda to Shuri’s dismay. Namor may be a new character in the cinematic universe, however, in the comics he has a long and complicated past often portrayed as an anti-hero. A side of him that Marvel comics emphasizes is how psychotic he can be at times.

Although Wakanda Forever slightly changed some of Namor’s backstory from the comics, much of his character remained the same.

Not only is he a superhuman with many powerful gifts, but he is also the ruler of Atlantis. Throughout the comics, Namor has often shown that he will do anything for the good of his people; especially if he believed it would protect them.

Among his more nefarious deeds, Namor has attempted to destroy Wakanda and the Black Panther numerous times throughout the comics, choosing to see both as a direct threat to his Kingdom.

He has also taken extreme measures in the past, including exterminating innocents if he deemed it necessary. At one point, Namor aligned with Thanos (as well as others) in a universal massacre that they believed would save their universe from extinction. He seizes the opportunity to destroy Earth-4290001 when no one else will do the needful.

All of his morally questionable deeds clearly make him at least a slightly villainous character. However, it is his lack of compassion and remorse, as shown in the comics, that truly makes him a psychopath. This is best shown in the Marvel comic Avengers Assemble: Alpha #1.

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The plot sees the Avengers travel back in time only to encounter the original Avengers of 1,000,000 BC. Initially distrustful of these new heroes, a fight breaks out between them. In one scene the original Ghost Rider battles Namor and the Atlantean King falls victim to the penance gaze.

Ghost Rider’s most terrifying power, the gaze inflicts pain and suffering on its victim that they inflict on others. Although the Ghost Rider’s power could damage the mightiest of his rivals, Namor shrugged it off with relative ease.

Clearly not opposed to the suffering of his past victims, this moment proves his true nature as a complete psychopath. The only villain who expresses such resistance to the penitential gaze is the mad titan, Thanos himself.

As for the MCU, we may see more of Namor and his psychopathy later within the Marvel movies. In the Secret Wars storyline, Namor and the Black Panther make peace to help defeat Doctor Doom. While not much has been leaked about Marvel’s future projects, we do know that there will likely be some similarities to the upcoming 2026 movie Avengers: Secret Wars. Maybe this time we’ll see more of Namor’s good side.


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