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Warning: contains spoilers for Captain Marvel #44!Marvel confirmed that Captain Marvel finally forgiven the Rogue of the X-Men, one of his oldest villains. The two share a long and varied history, stretching back to the 1980s, and their relationship can be described as “testy.” Now, with Rogue under the influence of the evil Brood, Captain Marvel and a team of heroes come to her aid, leading Captain Marvel to confess how she really feels about her former enemy to Captain Marvel #44now on sale in print and digital.


The rivalry between Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and Rogue goes back to the latter’s first appearance in 1981’s Avengers Annual #10. The issue opens with Carol Danvers (then known as Ms. Marvel) falling to her death, her powers and personality stolen from her by the then-villain Rogue. Afterwards, Carol spends time in a coma, before reawakening with little memory of her past life. Both Captain Marvel and Rogue recover from the event, scars remain. Recently, in the pages of Captain Marvel, Rogue is captured by the Brood while on a mission in deep space. His distress signal is intercepted by Captain Marvel. Traveling to the X-Men’s Treehouse in New York, Captain Marvel puts together a rescue team, consisting of Gambit, Wolverine and others. They soon find Rogue–only to find that she’s been converted into a Brood!

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The issue opens with Captain Marvel confronting Rogue. As he grows stronger, he realizes that he sometimes “enjoyed” destroying Rogue and the Brood–his mortal enemies. However, he also decided that he has “grown and changed” and now no longer expects and does not want it now. The issue was written by Kelly Thompson, illustrated by Sergio Davila, inked by Sean Parsons, colored by Arif Prianto and lettered by Clayton Cowles.

Captain Marvel has reached a Turning Point

Captain Marvel prepares to attack a Brood/Rogue hybrid

Captain Marvel drops plans on Earth to travel into space to save Rogue, which in itself is proof that she’s healed and moved on, but here Captain Marvel actually reveals it. He finds himself face-to-face with a Brood-damaged Rogue–his worst nightmare, but still showing remarkable composure in the face of a fearsome foe. Rogue dealt a devastating blow to Captain Marvel, which took years to recover from. Captain Marvel is under no obligation to forgive Rogue for stealing her powers and memories, but she has–perhaps one of the best indications of her growth as a character. Although they started out as enemies, Captain Marvel would be the instrument of Rogue’s survival.

As mentioned earlier, when Rogue took Captain Marvel’s powers and memories, it took Carol years to get her life back on track. It’s a wild one to be sure, as he jumps from identity to identity–but it’s what allows him to pursue his destiny and become Captain Marvel. Also, the scars Rogue is left with allow her to become a better character as well. Captain Marvel finally forgiven the X-Men‘s Rogue for stealing his power many years ago.

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Captain Marvel #44 is on sale now from Marvel Comics!


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