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Galactus is about to appear in MCU Phase 4, but Marvel Studios definitely made the right call in cutting the character’s debut short.

While Galactus was mostly included in the Phase 4 of the MCU, Marvel Studios ultimately made the right decision in leaving the character behind. Galactus is one of Marvel’s most powerful and popular villains in the comics, so the prospect of the character making his MCU debut is exciting. However, the way in which MCU Phase 4 used Galactus did not do justice to the character, especially for such a well-known Marvel villain. It’s for the best that Galactus’ introduction can now be saved for future MCU movies and TV shows.


Galactus first debuted in the pages of Fantastic Four #48, where he tries to devour the Earth to satisfy his endless hunger. The character has become one of Marvel’s greatest villains, appearing in various media as an unstoppable force that often takes all of Marvel’s heroes working together to defeat. Galactus made his live-action debut in a non-MCU Marvel movie Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, but this version of the character received criticism for his limited screen time and lack of visibility. Failure to adapt Galactus properly is one reason why his appearance in MCU Phase 4 will not work.

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How Love and Thunder Used Galactus

Galactus - Thor Love and Thunder Storyboard

Based on unused storyboards for Thor: Love and Thunder, Galactus was supposed to make a brief cameo appearance in the film. In the storyboards, Jane Foster is shown fighting various Marvel villains, with one panel depicting a confrontation with Galactus. It appears that the purpose is to show Jane’s powers as Thor after receiving Mjølnir, and her defeat of Galactus will certainly show her heroic achievements. While it’s not clear how long the scene is, the artwork shared by Anthony Lee Winn perfectly depicts how well the fight against Galactus will go.

Ultimately, though, it’s a good thing this is another one of those cameos that got cut Thor: Love and Thunder. Galactus is one of the most powerful villains in the Marvel universe, so it’s hard to believe that Jane Foster can take on him alone, especially since she won’t have the power for very long. Saving Jane’s hero introduction for her reunion with Thor was a smart move, as it was more in line with the film’s plot. Cutting back on Galactus’ appearance also means he’ll receive a better introduction later in the MCU.

Galactus Deserves Better Than A Love & Thunder Easter Egg

galactus mcu eternals 2

Given the threat Galactus poses, he deserves more than a quick appearance Thor: Love and Thunder. Galactus is one of the oldest and most powerful entities in the Marvel universe, a being that can literally eat the whole world. He feels no remorse for the countless lives he takes, deploying loyal servants and sophisticated technology to get what he wants. All these beautiful elements are too much for one Thor: Love and Thunder Easter eggs to handle, and leaving them out of Galactus’ debut would be a disservice to the character.

Galactus deserves to be the main villain in any MCU project he ends up in. He may be the main antagonist of the upcoming one Fantastic Four, which will return to his comic book roots. Galactus could also be the MCU’s next villainous successor after Thanos and Kang, with various films building up to a final showdown with all of Marvel’s heroes. Whenever he makes his grand debut, Galactus deserves more than anything Thor: Love and Thunder had to offer, making it best that he didn’t appear Phase 4 of the MCU.

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