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Marvel Comics isn’t always in tune with what happens in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it sure likes to ride its coattails. A new example of potential synergy from the comics is Mary-Jane Watson with powers.

A few years ago, it was reported that Sony Pictures was developing a movie based on the Jackpot character. While Jackpot is not MJ in the comics, readers and Spider-Man briefly thought he was due to the red hair, alias, and use of “tiger” in his native language.

As for MJ in the MCU, Tom Holland mentioned it in an interview with Sony “trying for a while” to empower Zendaya’s character. Fortunately this did not happen both to the relief of the fans and the actress, who said that she “It’s really fun with MJ” as he is.

But, in the recent comics, MJ now has powers, which may (and probably do) make no sense, but who knows what may be adapted from the comics in the next ten years.

MJ wins the Superpower Jackpot

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Marvel Comics

“Mary-Jane and Black Cat” (2022) #1, written by Jed MacKay and art by Vincenzo Carratù, reveals that MJ suddenly has superpowers. As Black Cat attempts to save MJ from the latest comic event disaster, she witnesses MJ defend her new family with these powers.

Mary Jane and Black Cat, MJ, Powers, Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

As expected, this issue doesn’t explain where he got these new powers, but MJ does thank Felicia Hardy and the readers for how they work. MJ approached “turn around” and “pull” for a new set of powers, but with the slot machine theme the powers he gets are entirely based on luck.

Mary Jane and Black Cat, MJ Powers, Pudding, Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

As for what might happen to MJ in the MCU? It’s doubtful, but Sony has greenlit sillier things with this franchise.

MJ, Mary Jane superpowers
Marvel Comics

Would Sony Pictures dare? (probably)

As mentioned, current Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief CB Cebulski revealed that the comics are “10 years in the future” what general audiences see on the big screen. Not all, of course, but it tracks the appearance of newer characters like Kamala Kahn Mrs. marvel, which first debuted in 2012.

However, will Sony Pictures consider giving MJ superpowers in the next ten years? Holland mentioned how they tried unsuccessfully to push that into the MCU, so it’s not impossible.

This certainly isn’t the first questionable decision Sony has made or tried to make with the franchise. After all, fans are about to get movies based on characters like El Muerto and Hypno-Hustler.

But fans may get a chance to see a very powerful MJ Variant when Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse will be released in theaters on June 2, 2023.


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