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Warning: spoilers for Damage Control #5!Although he may be a terrifying force of cosmic destruction, Galactus is also an individual with thoughts, feelings, and – by the way – a family. While a non-canon comic once gave Galactus a pregnant teenage daughter, Marvel has recently shown more interest in exploring his official family, including Defenders Beyond making his mother the newest host of the Phoenix Force. Surprisingly, it also appears to be a character hiding in plain sight at Marvel’s Damage Control is the official offspring of the Devourer of Worlds!


In the Marvel Universe, Damage Control used to be responsible for cleaning up the mess left behind after a superhero fight. However, by working with the government and other superheroes, Damage Control has greatly expanded their responsibilities. In fact, it has many departments being replaced by a recent hire named Gus. He is such a problem worker that Damage Control is having a hard time finding a good place for him.

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In Damage Control #5 by Adam Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff, and Nathan Stockman, Gus goes to a large storage warehouse, where all the powerful artifacts of the Marvel Universe are kept. While inside, Gus begins to hear voices from a mysterious egg prompting him to rebuild various deadly robots, causing chaos, covering the egg’s escape. Gus’s supervisor fires him… prompting the Silver Surfer to come and explain that Damage Control serves an important purpose by keeping Gus busy. Gus may be a normal human with an insatiable hunger for food, but he is also the son of Galactus, born from a piece of his torn helmet.

Galactus’ Son Could Change How He Sees Earth

Galactus' son is damage control

Damage Control was an absolutely ridiculous series throughout its five issues. On the surface, the story seems like a goofball story about one man’s mischief in the superhero world, but it doesn’t seem to have any real connection to the larger Marvel Universe. There are hints that something bigger is going on because no matter how hard Gus is, the higher ups in the company won’t fire him. It wasn’t until the lower supervisors released him that Silver Surfer showed up and explained who he was. The egg spoke to him because it was a powerful thing called the Galactus Egg.

Gus is a truly unique character as, despite being the son of Galactus, he seems to have no cosmic powers of his own. Despite this, his race is legitimate – Galactus is a being composed of energy, which takes different forms depending on the species that witnesses him. His ‘helmet’ is therefore as much a part of his being as his ‘body,’ and Gus seems to be a result of Galactus ‘budding’ a new being after the injury. Gus’ incredible hunger suggests that he may still have undiscovered depths, as it is symptomatic of his father’s cosmic role, however, only future stories will reveal this.

The most intriguing, Defenders Beyond recently revealed that while traveling back in time, the Silver Surfer used his powers to preserve Galactus’ humanity as a child, ensuring that even after he became a World Devourer, some aspect of his former self would remain. This means that Gus can have some kind of relationship Galactus in the future, potentially giving Earth a new relationship with the ultimate power of space.

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Damage Control #5 is available now from Marvel Comics.


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