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Ever since fan-favorite Henry Cavill was released in his role as the red-caped Superman in the DCU, fans have been wondering what’s next for the actor. While the actor has become one of the top choices among fans to take on the legacy of 007 agent James Bond, there have also been calls for the actor to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Henry Cavill has announced his return to the DCU.
Henry Cavill as Superman

It seems that the DCU rival superhero universe is currently looking to expand and have a new project rumored to be on their to-do list. The supposed project is said to feature a new villain front and center in the story and fans have just the right cast for it – Henry Cavill.

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Henry Cavill is the Fan’s Choice for Sentry

The Sentry who is the strongest immortal in the marvel comics
Sentry of Marvel Comics

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Insider Daniel Richtman has a track record of presenting the audience with accurate scoops from the industry. Well, according to one of his scoops, Marvel Studios may be creating a villain that has never been introduced in the MCU. Previously, there were claims that the villain-ridden team of Thunders will face an antagonist in their film who is a “villain and powerful villain” and the “evil Superman.”

All these rumors point in the direction that said antagonist could possibly be Sentry aka Robert Reynolds, one of the most powerful characters in Marvel comics. While some rumors have also suggested that Marvel is looking for either Ryan Gosling or Alexander Skarsgard to play a villain in their movies, fans are completely focused on Henry Cavill.

If Marvel is indeed going to give Sentry a place in their universe, fans have the perfect cast for it. Regardless of what the Studios say, MCU fans want Cavill to play Sentry in the superhero universe, as they voiced on Twitter.

Given the fact that Marvel Studios is expanding its horizons in television and Special Presentations and seeing how busy the upcoming years are for the MCU, there is a good chance that the villain-centric project will be released as a Special Presentation , just like Werewolf in the Night.

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Who is Sentry?

Sentry in Marvel Comics

Sentry was a teenager when he was injected with a serum that was more of a potent concoction than the one Steve Rogers was injected with to turn him into Captain America. Robert Reynolds is said to have “power of a million exploding suns.” Although Sentry may be a hero who saved a lot of people, he is also an anti-hero who killed a lot of people, except, people don’t remember that side of him and cherish him as the Golden Guardian. .

The Sentry is related to The Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the God of Thunder, Thor. The superhero/supervillain has superhuman speed, superhuman strength, and the ability to fly. He is able to cover great distances like from the Earth to the Sun in just a few seconds. Sentry has the power of telepathy and can also regenerate his body after being destroyed.

Although he is both hero and villain, the character seems to do more evil than good. It is very entertaining to watch how the saviors of the planet fight against a character with the power of a million suns!

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