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James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier in 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' (2014)

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Marvel could be making a big change in the MCU, and if it’s true, it could end Eternals (2021) worth it.

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Unlike other franchises, Marvel can’t decide which flop movie to delete or remove because the MCU is so interconnected, and removing a movie tends to confuse more fans than it helps. in the story of the franchise. So some stories are usually left out and later expanded to make them more purposeful.

For example, Marvel left Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) to tease some future encounter for the Avengers which at the time felt unnecessary but made movies like Avengers: Endgame (2019) which is more significant. Now, Marvel can do the same Eternals if the rumor is true.

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According to DanielRPK, a well-known insider, Marvel will change the remaining Celestial, Tiamut, to Genosha, the island where the Mutants live:

RUMOR: Tiamut (the Dreaming Celestial from the movie Eternals) has been turned into the island of ‘Genosha’ — which serves as the home of mutants in the Marvel comics. The Thunderbolts will venture to the island in their movie in search of adamantium.

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The presence of Thunders (2024) retcon this part of the MCU would be great. One of the biggest complaints for Eternals crew is that the death of Tiamut is as massive as a Celestial rose from the earth, but NO ONE came to look at the situation. On top of that, no one seems to care that there’s a big head sticking out of the ocean.

Making Tiamut in Genosha would help build the story of what’s going on with the Mutants and make the Eternals more closely tied to the MCU. Right now, any fan can watch the movie and not see any immediate urge to watch it because the movie is almost completely separate from the MCU unless you count all the verbal mentions of Blip and Thanos and Tony Stark.

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If anything, this will help make the X-Men’s entry into the MCU more meaningful and help begin to explain what’s going on with the Mutants. Marvel wants to push lesser-known super heroes into the spotlight in the MCU before committing to the X-Men. Now, maybe it’s time to bring super heroes into the story then Avengers: Secret Wars (2026).

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