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Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt follows the story of Gregor, the third to take up the mantle worn by Kraven — and one of the most dangerous hunters ever.

The following contains spoilers for Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt #2, on sale now from Marvel Comics.

Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt #2 continues to explore the backstory of Gregor, the third to take up the mantle of Kraven the Hunter, and explains how he transformed from a relatively normal human into a giant behemoth with psychic powers .

Gregor’s monologue in Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt #2 reveals that she consumed herbs and potions that would have killed most men. These intoxicants caused his mind and consciousness to expand, giving him psychic abilities that he used to sow doubt and manipulate trauma into Peter Parker’s mind. The constant training also caused Gregor to physically change, becoming a strong man worthy of carrying on the legacy of Kraven the Hunter.

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Gregor ponders how he got his power

The Origin of Gregor

First appeared in 1994’s Spider-Man #47, Gregor is introduced as the servant and close confidant of the original Kraven the Hunter, Sergei Kravinoff. After Sergei committed suicide in the finale of the classic story “Kraven’s Last Hunt” in 1987, Gregor raised Kraven’s son, Vladimir Kravinoff, who would later call himself the Grim Hunter. Vladimir was later killed by Kaine — a clone of Peter Parker — in the 1995’s Spider-Man #55, and Gregor vows to avenge both generations of the Kravinoff family.

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Despite this oath of revenge, Gregor’s story was never fully told, and he next appeared in 1997’s Savage Land Czar series, looks more physically terrifying than ever. Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt takes place in past continuity during the infamous “Clone Saga” storyline in the ’90s that saw Peter’s doppelganger, Ben Reilly, temporarily take over as New York City’s infamous Spider-Man. After the 1995’s Spider-Man: The Last Adventure series, Peter and Mary Jane move to Portland to start a new life in this short time. The Lost Hunt reflects Gregor’s attempts to destroy their happiness.

Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt was written by JM DeMatteis, who also wrote “Kraven’s Last Hunt.” Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt #2 features art by Eder Messias, Belardino Brabo and Brent Peeples, with colors by Neeraj Menon and Cris Peter, and letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna. Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt #2 boasts covers by Ryan Brown, Philip Tan and Brad Anderson and Oscar Fetscher. The issue is on sale now.

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