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Marvel just revealed the truth behind the House of Ideas and the true god of the Marvel Universe – as a familiar, powerful force is behind it all.

Spoilers for Marvel Comics’ Defenders Beyond #5The Defenders have arrived at the House of Ideas and are about to meet the true god of the Marvel Universe, who faces the One Above All. In a new preview for Defenders Beyond #5 of Marvel Comics, the cosmic superteam enters the House of Ideas, where they encounter the all-powerful being responsible for creating everything in their existence. However, after Blue Marvel questions whether he meets the true One Above All, the cosmic being unleashes its creations.


To save reality itself, the current cosmic Defenders team has traveled through space and time, as well as outside the boundaries of the Marvel Universe, with their latest adventure taking them to the Land of Couldn’t-Be-Shouldn’t- Be. After almost being trapped in The Abyss in a fake perfect reality – the Queen of Nevers rescues them and takes them to the “door of godhood itself,” aka Door to the House of Ideas. Today, Marvel Comics reveals the true face of the god behind the House of Ideas – the One Above All.

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In a new preview of Defenders Beyond #5 by Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez from Marvel Comics, Loki and his team enter the House of Ideas. Once described as the home of the One Above All, the being who created the Marvel Universe, the House of Ideas is the birthplace of creation past, present, and future. However, when the heroes open the door, the One Above All is revealed to them. The omnipotent cosmic being depicts himself as all-powerful, building with his hands, while beautiful art shows him painting the mystery of the Marvel Universe. However, when Blue Marvel questions whether the One Above All is truly a god, it brings out the archetypes against the Defenders. See preview pages and text summary for Defenders Beyond #5, teasing the upcoming “final test” of Loki, America Chavez, and the rest of the Defenders team from One Above All in the House of Ideas.

LOKI’S LAST TEST! The final test of Loki, America Chavez and the other Defenders sees them enter…the one and only House of Ideas!

Since the One Above All is responsible for life in the Multiverse and is Marvel’s version of God, the Defenders will soon meet their maker – literally. Unlike his dark side, the One Below All, the One Above All is the source of all creation, so if the omnipresent being is who he is, he would probably be offended that his creations doubt his true self. that power. Readers will see that the Defenders meet the true god of the Marvel Universe, the One Above Allin Defenders Beyond #5 by Marvel Comics, which hits comic shops on Wednesday.

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