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The latest Marvel Snap The update kicks off the Winterverse event, which brings many holiday-themed variants and new cards to the mobile card game.

Two new cards arrived Marvel Snap this week it’s Darkhawk and Sentry. Darkhawk is a superhero who first appeared in the 1990s and has a techno-organic body with glider wings. In Marvel Snaphe’s a 4-Cost, 1-Power Ongoing card that gives +2 Power for every card in your opponent’s deck.

Meanwhile, Sentry is a hero introduced in 2000 who has Superman-like abilities, but is connected to an evil entity called the Void that is just as powerful. In-game, that translates to Sentry as a 4-Cost On Reveal card with 8-Power that can’t be played in the right location, because playing Sentry will spawn a -8 power Void card there.

The Winterverse Event is HERE!

With snowy, new variants and even more rewards this holiday season what are you most excited about this MARVEL SNAP celebration?

— MARVEL SNAP (@MARVELSNAP) December 20, 2022

We don’t know if Sentry and Darkhawk are still Series 3, Series 4, or Series 5 cards. It will take some time for The Marvel Snap’s meta to evolve and really prove if Darkhawk and Sentry are all that useful, but they both have interesting abilities. Regardless, keep an eye out for them in Collector’s Reserves and the Token Shop.

However, they are not the only part of the event in the Winterverse. From December 20th to January 2nd, Second Dinner will be giving out in-game rewards for logging in each day. These range from 100 credits to a special variant of the Nick Fury card featuring Samuel L. Jackson’s signature. Five new winter-themed card variants will also begin appearing in the shop and Collector’s Reserves. You can now find Winterverse cards for Abomination, Ebony Maw, Patriot, Rockslide, and Rogue.

A Winterverse bundle that includes a Sunspot Winterverse Variant, Avatar, 2000 Collector’s Tokens, 8000 credits, 100 Sunspot Boosters, and a “Tacos After This?” the title will also be added to the shop in the next few days.

Marvel Snap is now available for iOS, Android, and PC, and even made Digital Trends’ best games of 2022 list.

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