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Earlier this week, a very interesting rumor began doing the rounds suggesting that The Sentry Thunders‘ lead villain. Valentina Allegra de Fontaine is said to be responsible for his creation, something that makes sense given her interest in Super Soldiers.

When things inevitably go wrong, the CIA Director assembling an entire team of them may be the only way to take down The Sentry. However, that is not where the story of Robert Reynolds ends. According to a new rumor shared by scooper Daniel Richtman (via The Direct), Marvel Studios is planning a movie revolving around The Sentry.

The MCU version of the character is described as “an opposite and [powerful] villain [akin to an] evil Superman,” and a spin-off makes sense on a number of levels.

In the comic books, Robert is a meth addict who breaks into a laboratory and obtains an experimental Super Soldier formula. With the power of a million exploding suns, the trickster has become the world’s most powerful superhero. However, his fractured mind has also created The Void, a threat that is terrible enough to destroy all.

Although he is one of Earth’s greatest heroes, the Sentry is also one of the world’s greatest dangers. With that in mind, there’s a lot here to explore in a future movie or TV series, and we’re definitely curious to see what Marvel Studios has planned for the character on screen.

There’s still no word on who will play The Sentry, or even if there’s any real merit to this rumor. The only thing that’s hard to believe is that if Robert were to go up against that group of Thunderbolts, he’d make short work of them (this is the guy who split Ares in half, remember).

However, it’s possible that Marvel Studios plans to flesh him out a bit, making him more like Captain Marvel. After all, he was supposed to be the most powerful hero of the MCU, but still fought the battle against Thanos.

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