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One of Marvel’s original sidekicks grows up to become the new Captain America and face his other greatest mentor, the Hulk.

Over the years, Marvel has had many replacements Captain Americabut a famous one Hulk the comic was originally planned to have a surprise classic character take up the mantle: Rick Jones. A former sidekick to both Cap and the Hulk, Rick replaced Cap in the original plans for World War Hulk The story sees him arguing for the future of the Marvel Universe against the Hulk.

Introduced all the way back in the 1962’s The Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #1 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Rick was a staple of 1960s Marvel and beyond. When Rick, on a dare, sneaks into the gamma bomb testing site that Bruce Banner is working on, Bruce’s efforts to save Rick’s life lead directly to Bruce becoming the Hulk. Since then, Rick has been one of the most stalwart supporting characters in the Marvel Universe. Rick has been key to many famous Marvel moments, including the accidental formation of the Avengers when trying to help the Hulk at Lee and Kirby’s Avengers Vol 1 #1, and becoming a fast friend to the newly unfrozen Captain America. It’s this connection to both Cap and Hulk that explains his originally intended role in the event World War Hulkwhere Hulk faces off against the entire Marvel Universe.


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original, World War Hulk Climactically, Rick becomes the new Captain America to talk the Hulk out. Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort recently revealed the original pitch of the event on his blog:

The Hulk wins. Cap finally faces off. One to one. Only to discover that it was Rick Jones in Cap’s uniform. The real Cap is shot — he’s in a wheelchair, directing the battle from behind the lines. Rick begged. For the lives of Tony and Black Bolt and the other heroes he captured. He won. have mercy. And Miek agreed.

This new identity, however temporary, would make perfect sense for Rick’s character. Rick Jones had so many early appearances The Incredible Hulk is about her as one of the Hulk’s only friends, who can come to him when no one else can. With Cap making him, Rick will take on the mantle of his other main mentor to plead for the Marvel Universe as a whole against the Hulk. According to Brevoort, Hulk would have agreed to Rick’s pleas and let the heroes go.

Rick Jones The Ultimate Superpowered Sidekick

Rick Jones as A-Bomb with Bruce Banner

This isn’t the first time Rick has had his own superpowers. Rick was originally used as a non-powered audience surrogate character to interact with the Marvel Universe, but like so many non-powered characters, the urge to give him his own powers was too strong. Rick, in the past, tapped into the mysterious hidden Destiny Force inherent in humanity, used the Kree Nega-Bands to fuse the original Kree Captain Mar-vell and his son Genis-Vell, and eventually became Gamma monster A- Bomb. He became Captain America only the latest in a long lineage.

The original event plan also has an interesting parallel to what actually happened during this time in the Marvel canon. One of Rick’s first stories with Captain America was as Bucky’s temporary replacement. To his chagrin, Cap spots Rick’s lookalike as Bucky, and dresses him for the role before realizing the mistake he’s made. When Cap was shot in continuity, at Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting’s Captain America Vol 5 #25, he gets a replacement in the form of Bucky, but instead of Rick, it’s the original Bucky Barnes. In the end, a Bucky took over to Captain America mantle at the same time World War Hulk was released, but Rick Jones is the sidekick originally planned to take up the shield to face the Hulk.

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