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Noted Marvel’s Avengers leaker Miller Ross has found audio lines suggesting that four currently unannounced heroes are set to join the superhero title.

A well-known source for Marvel’s Avengers leaks have found evidence that some members of the team may be gathering.

According to leaker Miller Ross at eXputer, the audio lines of Zehra Fazal’s Jane Foster can be heard addressing the four unheralded heroes in battle. The heroes mentioned seem to be Captain Marvel, Ironheart, She-Hulk and Shuri. Known as @mmmmmmmmiller on Twitter, they have become a reliable source of information. At the time of writing, the characters have not been officially announced by anyone associated with the ongoing development of the game.

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He-Hulk Avengers Appearance is a particular sore spot for Crystal Dynamics, the developer behind the superhero title. In the same breakdown, Ross expressed doubts that the gamma-radiated attorney would actually be in the game. This has been attributed to the character moving from development in 2021 under outside partners to being shelved for the Crystal Dynamics team to take over when resources allow. Regarding this, Ross said, “The intention is to continue work on the character at a time when the team has grown and can support development on a scale large enough to create fully original gameplay, after a period of of smaller content drops and onboarding improvements. to demonstrate the title’s eligibility for further capital injection.”

When Will Marvel’s Avengers Content Stop?

Although the new heroes will continue in live gameplay, Ross’s comprehensive leak also hinted at the active development of new Marvel’s Avengers the content will stop in 2024. Ross said, “Right now, I’m told there are no plans for content in 2024.” Apparently, Crystal Dynamics management has a goal of delivering fresh content set in three to five years after launch. If this leak is correct, it will meet the developer’s goal with just over three years of new content added to the game.

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The newest addition to the game is Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier, who brings a John Wick-esque fighting style to the superhero title. A unique character with a range of melee and ranged moves, the Winter Soldier is capable of deflecting incoming damage and returning it to his enemies with the innate ability Steel-Forged Tenacity. His intrinsic super charge, Red Star Rising, clears groups of enemies with a burst of energy. Bucky quickly cleans up those enemies after the ability gives him a short window of enhanced armor and melee damage.

Players can gather Marvel’s Avengers on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.



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