Marvel’s Avengers’ Mighty Thor Gets an Unmasked Love and Thunder Costume | Popgen Tech


Crystal Dynamics released Mighty Thor in Marvel’s Avengers earlier this year and a Love and Thunder skin after a while to welcome him into the game. The team has now released a variant of that costume without the helmet, giving users a better look at Jane Foster’s head.

For those who already own the original helmed costume variant inspired by Thor: Love and Thunder, the unhelmed variant should appear at a discounted price on the game’s marketplace. A bundle for both costumes is also available for 1,900 credits (about $19), while the “unhelmed” variant is also available for sale on its own for 1,400 credits (about $14).

Selling non-helmed variants of Marvel Cinematic Universe skins is a new trend for Crystal Dynamics. It was only the second, as the team added one unhelmed version of Captain America’s 2012 Avengers skin on December 15. Many expressed their complaints about this practice in replies to tweets about the skin, noting that such a small change should be free for owners of the base costume.

Crystal Dynamics also announced in its latest War Table Weekly Blog that, in celebration of the current holiday season, most MCU and non-MCU outfits and all takedowns, emotes, and nameplates will be available at 50% off in the marketplace. This sale starts today and runs until January 5, 2023.


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