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Marvel’s Avengers teased that She-Hulk, Captain America, Shuri, and Iron Heart will be joining the game’s lineup.

By Jason Collins | Published

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The infamous Marvel’s Avengers has teased the appearance of four additional heroes next year before the game loses further support from its developer and publisher. The current state of the game is not something Square Enix should be proud of, and fandom has criticized the appearance of four new additions to the game’s roster, saying that many of them look and feel like discounted versions of actual heroes and that the game has lost its charm, despite the relatively solid gameplay. According to, the heavily rumored Marvel’s Avengers Heroes include Captain America, Shuri, Iron Heart, and She-Hulk.

It looks like Square Enix is ​​trying to brush off some of Marvel’s current cinematic success — we’re talking about He-Hulk series and the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movieto boost the profile of the game Marvel’s Avengers. Of course, considering that they were teased but not officially announced and the fact that the game is losing support from its developer, the rumored heroes may be canceled and never see the light of day.

marvel's avengers

Even if said heroes appear in the game, it will probably be part of some game event and not much fun. The last hero is the Marvel’s Avengers The received game was Winter Soldier, and the fandom was not particularly pleased with the character model whose hair looked like something taken from a 2005 gaming title. We know Square Enix studios have a problem in hair animation, but Crystal Dynamics should have asked their colleagues at Eidos Montreal to pitch — Lara Croft in Shadow of the Tomb Raider has an absolutely gorgeous head of hair.

And that’s not the worst part. The fandom complains that the new heroes don’t really feel any different than the second-tier heroes already in the game. This is particularly true for She-Hulk and Iron Heart, whose powers feel next to other characters from Marvel’s Avengers. It makes the new heroes feel completely uninspiring, which contributes to the overall bad shape the game’s narrative is currently in.

The last hero to have proper acceptance into the game’s narrative is Black Panther in the War for Wakanda expansion, whose release was prompted by the many issues the game experienced at launch. Marvel’s Avengers is released in late 2020 to an overwhelmingly positive initial reception. However, before long, the problems reared their ugly heads, and the game experienced a massive player decline due to audiences frustrated by bugs, repetitive gameplay, and a lack of game content – The latter proved to be the biggest point of contention among players.

Some praised the game for its multiplayer component, but the general consensus among players stated that the Story Mode felt unappealing due to the lack of content. Crystal Dynamics said they will make things right and released a number of fixes that have been made Marvel’s Avengers playful The company then released War for Wakanda expansion and a PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man in the game, along with many other heroes. Unfortunately, Marvel’s Avengers unable to get out of the shadow of its first failure.

The game’s developer and publisher have announced Marvel’s Avengers will not receive additional support in terms of additional story and content development. That usually means that the game will remain on the servers until the cost of maintenance exceeds the revenue generated by the game, at which point we can expect the powers that be to take the game down. This should be a lesson for all game developers and publishers — slapping a popular name on your product won’t do it any good.


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