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Marvel’s God, the One Above All, reveals the universe’s greatest mystery, as the Defenders meet the cosmic being who created everything.

Spoilers for Marvel Comics’ Defenders Beyond #5In a meeting with the true god of the Marvel Universe, the One Above All, being responsible for creating everything, revealed the greatest mystery ever: his own creation. In Defenders Beyond #5, Blue Marvel confronts the most powerful entity, but when pressed about whether some other force was at hand to create him, the One Above All admits that there is no greater mystery at hand.

Marvel’s newest Defenders squad travels to different Cosmos and beyond existence to save reality from its most important cosmic threat. In the team’s final mission, Blue Marvel, America Chavez, Loki, Galactus’ mother Taaia, Tigra, and the Beyonder make it to the House of Ideas, where inside, they meet the true face of god in the Marvel Universe. , the One Above All. Being responsible for all creation offers answers to various questions asked by each member of the Defenders team. However, when pressed on where he came from, the One Above All admits that his own existence is one of the greatest mysteries.


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In Defenders Beyond #5 by Al Ewing and Javier Rodriguez from Marvel Comics, the Defenders get a rare meeting with the One Above All inside the House of Ideas. Blue Marvel questions being responsible for the creation of the Marvel Universe of which he is truly “above all,” what “creates creation?” and if the entity knows who made him. The One Above All admits that the mystery intrigues him, as Marvel’s god offers a surprising response about his existence.

The Creation of One Above All is Marvel’s Greatest Mystery

One Above All Greatest Mysteries

The One Above All does not offer a concrete answer as to whether he was created by something else. However, his mention of being “the place where the world of action ends… and the world of creation begins” strongly hints at his true creators. Action represents the world within the comic, while creation represents the real world – implying that the creators of the comic are responsible for their existence – although One Above All does not say this outright. Considering Marvel’s representation of the god in the form of legendary comic book creator Jack Kirby, his hints about what he really is and how he was created make sense.

However, despite clues as to how Marvel’s god was created, his creation in the universe remains a mystery that even intrigues the mighty being. As a result, the One Above All The true origin and creation remains the greatest mystery in the Marvel Universe and is likely never fully answered. Defenders Beyond #5 of Marvel Comics is in comic book stores now.

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