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Marvel’s superhero teams battle robots more than any other foe, and the all-Korean Tiger Division proves exactly why.

Warning: SPOILERS for Tiger Division #2Marvel’s many superhero teams seem to fight robots, androids and artificial creatures more than any other enemy, but the Korean version of Avengers finally revealing why synthetic life forms are the real adversary – and the best. Superheroes tend to fight some enemies more than others, and zombies, demons, and fascists like the Red Skull immediately come to mind. But Tiger Division #2 precisely explains why robots, of all opponents, are used over and over again.


Many types of robots exist in the Marvel Universe. LMDs, or Life Model Decoys, are particularly notable because they appear as life-like versions of a person or humanoid (She-Hulk memorably fought dozens of Nick Fury LMDs at once) . Technically, the Eternals are robots too, but they’re far superior creations to the classic metal-framed models like Ultron – another type of android that constantly seeks to upgrade Himself. There are also great androids, such as Vision and Jim Hammond, the original Human Torch.

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In Tiger Division #2written by Emily Kim with art by Creees Lee, the titular team is surrounded by robots after falling into a trap in the previous issue. “They’re just robots!” Tae-Won yelled, continuing to crash into a robot’s body. When another team member questions why he is happy that their opponents are it just is robots, replied Mr. Enigma “That means there’s no one inside, so we can rip off limbs without worrying about fragile human bones.” With that, the team goes to work, and the robots are fired within three pages; the General was injured, but since he was the only member of the Korean Tiger Division who was also a mystical giant totem, he recovered quickly.

Robots: The Superhero’s Best Enemy

The Tiger Division attacks the robots

The name of Mr. Enigma may be a mystery, but his line is clearer. Marvel editorial prefers robots over living creatures when it comes to key battle scenes; it allows the Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four and other teams to show their full power without holding back. The reader, as human, recognizes living beings more than androids like Ultron and Vision, and thus is less troubled by the violence that happens to robots than the same happens to humans. Artists can depict rather gratuitous violence this way, as long as the victims are just androids.

The MCU in particular is clever with this trope, and many films depict heroes fighting robots (especially the climax of Avengers: Age of Ultron). Additionally, robots can be reanimated, in a sense; an android’s consciousness can simply be transferred to a new robotic body, allowing superheroes to destroy both opponents without said opponent dying in battle. The Tiger Division may be a relatively new superhero team, but they’re already engaging in one of the oldest superhero tropes: punching a hoard of robots.

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