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Marvel’s Midnight Suns contains several side quests and collectible hunts that you can choose to complete when you’re not busy fighting Hydra and stopping Lilith’s demon-related plans. there is 22 Marvel themed Tarot cards to find the interior of the Abbey home base and the surrounding forest, but you’ll need to get all the Words of Power to access the entire map. We’re here to show you exactly where to find each card.

All Tarot Card Locations

The moon

Three tarot cards can be found within the main Abbey building, and the Moon is included in that trio. It’s inside the forge room, next to a large bookshelf. The Moon, of course, is represented by the Moon Knight for card art.


The location of the Moon tarot card

the star

The Star is in the same room as The Moon–it’s across from the forge, on top of the red workbench. Nova is the character chosen to represent this arcana, and is used in its card art.


The location of the Star tarot card


Strength is represented by Thor here, and the tarot card is inside the Abbey’s chapel. It sits next to a small pedestal at the southernmost end of the building.


Tarot card strength location


Time to venture outside the main building. Temperance sits between two rocks just outside the Abbey. Leave the War Room and head east for a few seconds to find this tarot card. Cloak and Dagger represent this arcana as a pair.


Temperance tarot card location

The day

The Sun is also located around the boundary of the Abbey. It’s northwest of the Blood Gate fast travel point, on the edge of a small lake. The card uses Johnny Storm, AKA the Human Torch, for its art and illustration.


The location of the Sun tarot card

The High Priests

This tarot card sits on a rock, northeast of the Standing Stones. Your search for the Moon Seals will lead you here to open the first Blood Gate. Jean Gray is used to represent the High Priestess in this card.


The location of the High Priestess tarot card


The next few cards can all be found on the southwest side of the map. The Justice card uses She-Hulk for its art, and is located right behind Agatha’s Altar. This is the same place where the EMO KIDS meetings are held, so you end up here.


Justice tarot card location


The Death tarot card is also behind Agatha’s Altar, a little further away from Justice. It sits on a pile of rocks on a cliff overlooking the south side of the Abbey, and Death himself is used to illustrate the card.


Death tarot card location

Wheel of fortune

This card is literally a few steps west of Agatha’s Altar. It’s on top of what looks like a carved stone coffin, and the arcana is represented by one of the luckiest mutants around, Domino.


Wheel of Fortune tarot card location

The Hermit

The Hermit is right next to the pedestal that holds the Air Rod, so you can naturally run into it by completing the Moon Seals side quest. The card is west of the Whispering Woods fast travel point, and Namor is used in its art.


The location of the Hermit tarot card

The person hanged

The Hanged Man is the last tarot card in this region, but you will need to use the Reveal the Word of Power to get here. Use Reveal to create a bridge just behind Agatha’s Altar and it will take you straight to the Arcane Chest, Haven, and tarot cards. Bucky Barnes, AKA the Winter Soldier, represents The Hanged Man here.


The location of the Hanged Man tarot card

The emperor

The next four cards are located in the northeast section of the map. The Emperor is in a small clearing next to a table with skulls. The area is just south of the Everflowing Glade fast travel point, and the tarot art features T’Challa, the Black Panther.


The location of the Emperor tarot card

The world

You can find The World directly north of The Emperor, at Agatha’s Cottage. The Moon Seals side quest will naturally lead you here when you follow Agatha’s instructions. The card sits on a table just outside the cabin, and Uatu, The Watcher, is the embodiment of this arcana.


The location of the World tarot card

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is another card you’ll likely come across while completing Agatha’s big side quest. It’s behind Shaw’s Church, and you’ll need to use the Open Word of Power to walk through the building’s back door. It was sitting inside a wheelbarrow on the path to the red ward. Professor X is used to describe The Hierophant here.


The location of the Hierophant tarot card

The Empress

The Empress can be found sitting behind a tombstone in a cemetery, southwest of the Everflowing Glade–the same cemetery you find when looking for the Hanging Tree. With T’Challa as The Emperor, it only makes sense that Storm would be The Empress.


The location of the Empress tarot card


Go to the northwest area to find the next two cards. Lovers is inside another smaller cemetery to the right of the Garden of Envy. Use Open to remove the door blocking your path. This is the same cemetery you enter to find a Moon Seal fragment for Agatha. Elektra and Daredevil represent The Lovers as a pair in tarot art.


The location of the Lovers tarot card

The Carriage

The Chariot can be found further west. It floats in front of the final test of the Moon Seal, directly north of Lilith’s Garden. use Reveal to create a bridge that leads directly to the card. Silver Surfer plays the role of The Chariot in this Marvel-themed deck.


The location of the Chariot tarot card

The Judgment

The last five tarot cards require all Break the Word of Power, which is the hardest to get. Once you have it, use the Break on the wall northeast of The Shop to get to the Misty Moors. Judgment floats above the dried up well, and the arcana is represented by Galactus.


The location of the Judgment tarot card

The devil

The Devil is also in the Misty Moors, just a few steps north of where you found the previous card. It’s on a small table to the right of the path. The Devil is depicted as Daimon Hellstrom, also known as Hellstorm.


The location of the Devil tarot card

The magician

The Magician is located more in the center of the map. You will need to use Break on a wall located between Hunter’s Folly and Dreamer’s Descent. The card sits on a table on the other side of the wall, and its arcana is represented by Doctor Doom.


The location of the Magician tarot card

The tower

The Tower card is actually pretty hard to find. It’s behind a giant pile of rubble, southeast of the Dreamer’s Descent fast travel point. Use Break to clear a path and you’ll see the card sitting on a desk in a clearing. The Tower is represented by the Baxter Building, which is a literal tower used by the Fantastic Four.


The location of the Tower tarot card

So dumb

This last card is south of Gideon’s Cross. You can reach it by using the Break along the path leading north from Dreamer’s Descent. The card is under some sort of shrine, and Deadpool is used to illustrate the arcana.


The location of the Fool tarot card

Tarot Card Collection Rewards

Once you have collected all 22 tarot cards, you will be immediately rewarded with Salem suits with its signature Savior of Salem passive ability. It also has two new swords that match the medieval theme. Open the Customization menu to equip the gear whenever you want.

The reward of the Salem suit
The reward of the Salem suit

The suit appears to be an upgraded version of the very first one worn by the Hunter at the beginning of the game. Its passive grants a 50% chance to draw a card whenever the Hunter defeats one or more Lilin with the ability. There are better passives in the game, but this is a great one for when you know Lilin is in a combat encounter.

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