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It’s hard to measure how quickly players can get through Marvel’s Midnight Suns because each playthrough is gamer dependent.

Players who want to knock down Marvel’s Midnight Suns soon doesn’t mean robbing themselves of the experience. There’s an overarching story at play here and the plot will certainly be referenced in other forms of media, though shows and movies will potentially address the time period for the comic book heroes.

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However, it’s admittedly hard to recommend this type of play Marvel’s Midnight Suns because the deck-building is captivating and some of the key plot points need exploring. This guide will try to estimate the time it will take to beat the game for each play style.


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How Long To Beat Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Marvel's Midnight Suns Scarlet Witch holds the Hulk Upside Down

  • Main Story: 43 Hours
  • Main Story and Sides: 62 Hours
  • Completionist: 80 Hours

Perhaps the biggest challenge is measuring how long the main story takes. Players can save around 10-20 hours by skipping cutscenes and ignoring opportunities to talk to everyone in the abbey. Setting the story mode difficulty and trivializing the battles also speeds up this process by about 10 hours.

If players only play the main story on the easiest setting and do the minimum number of missions, the game is about 43 hours long. Speedrunners who skip cutscenes and know where to go all the time can reduce this time to less than 40 or even 30 hours.

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Most players can expect at least 60 hours from the campaign. Even players who aren’t interested in collectibles or discovering the backstory of The Hunter will find they want to build their decks. It mandates playing through side missions with different teammates, usually about 5-10 missions between each story mission.

For those who want to collect all the pages, find the secrets, and get everyone’s deck right, plan on 80 hours with the help of guides and up to 100 hours on your own. Players who want to master the use of recipe books and understand the finer details will not be forced to finish the game quickly.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is now available for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.


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