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Marvel’s Midnight Suns puts an XCOM spin on superhero combat, combined with a semi-open-world area to explore when your team isn’t actively trying to take down Hydra. The open base of operations is full of secrets to find and hidden paths to unlock. You will need to get four Words of Power–Open, Reveal, Purify, and Break–to open those closed paths, so here’s how to get them all.

All Words of Power Locations


The first Word of Power opens closed doors around the Abbey and its surrounding forest. It’s given to you as the story progresses, so you don’t have to worry about finding it. Early in the game, a quest will automatically start when you are forced to visit Agatha’s shrine. A short quest will lead you to a Blood Gate. Interact with the gate to start an easy fight assisted by your demon dog Charlie.

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After the match, you will receive the first of four Moon Sealswhich will give you the ability to use Open in the forest around the Abbey.


Reveal makes invisible objects or structures visible when used near a specific Reveal rune. It is quite tricky to get, because the process involves searching four rod elements scattered around the Abbey. Here’s where you should look to find all four of them:

  • Fire Rod: This shaft is inside the Abbey, sitting on a pedestal at the southernmost point of the chapel.
  • Water Rod: This rod is also in the grounds of the Abbey. It’s under the small bridge in the Grotto, to the left of the Common Room.
  • Air Rods: This shaft is located on the edge of a cliff in Whispering Wood. It is northwest of Agatha’s Altar.
  • Earth Rod: The last shaft is in Hunter’s Folly, inside the crypt you exited at the beginning of the game. Use the Open command to enter it and retrieve the shaft.


All elemental rod locations on the map

Bring the rods to Altar of Agatha and put them on pedestals there to receive the second Moon Seal. Use this seal to unlock the next Blood Gate, just north of Standing Stones. It’s important to note that the recommended level for this battle trial is level eight, and you can only challenge it once per night. But when you win, you get a Reveal.

Clean up

Purify Word of Power removes vines from your path out of the Abbey woods. It’s not available until a little bit of story progress is made, but you can still start the related side quest to get things done. Head to Shaw’s Church in the northeastern section of the map to trigger a conversation with Agatha. After the chat, use Open on the door next to Agatha, then again on the back door in the next room.


Revealing secrets at Shaw’s Church

Exit the church through the back door and turn right to find a path leading to a red ward. Talk to Doctor Strange in the Abbey to find out how to clear the ward. After you show him the ward, he will need some time to do this. You need to complete The Bell Tolls story mission for Strange to come up with a solution. Take the vial of Symbiote from the forge and take it to Shaw’s Church to dispel the ward.

Use Reveal on the desk near the exit behind the church to find hidden drawings. Examine them to finish this church part of the quest. Talk to Agatha again the next night to continue the Moon Seal quest. Then he will give you a quest task dirty soil in the three witches warren. Here’s where to find them:

  • First warren: The dirty ground here is inside a small cave south of the Stone Terrace.
  • Second warren: The land here is located inside another cave, directly north of the Stone Terrace.
  • third warren: The third area of ​​land is next to a long creek southwest of The Shop–no cave this time.


The three witch warren locations on the map

Return to Agatha when you’ve found all the dirty land. He will point you in the direction of Hanging Tree, located west of Shaw’s Church. It was more of a giant stump than a tree, and it was covered in glowing, green runes.


The location of the Hanging Tree

Use the Reveal on the tree to finish the long part of the quest and receive the third Moon Seal. The next Blood Gate is at the very north end of the map, just above the Everflowing Glade. Use the Moon seal to initiate a level 12 fight the challenge, and win to get the Purify Word of Power.


The final Word of Power destroys cracked walls and piles of rubble to open new paths. Your next goal is to collect three fragments of the Moon Seal to restore the fourth Moon Seal. Here’s where you need to look:

  • fragment of the First Moon Seal: This fragment is lodged in a stone wall at the mouth of a cave, just north of the Garden of Envy.
  • fragment of the Second Moon Seal: You can actually see this fragment from the mouth of the cave where the previous one was. This one is also stuck on a rock, high above ground level. It is located northeast of the Garden of Envy.
  • fragment of the Third Moon Seal: This fragment is stuck inside a wall overlooking a small cemetery. This one is right next to the Garden of Envy fast travel point, but you’ll need it use Open to enter the cemetery.


All Moon Seal fragment locations

Once you’ve collected all three fragments, talk to Agatha at Lilith’s Garden, just west of the Garden of Envy. He will need a special reagent to restore the fragments, and it can be found in Agatha’s hut, directly north of the Everflowing Glade. Return to Agatha in the Abbey library to repair the seal. Now, you can take the level 16 fight the challenge at the last Blood Gate, north of Lilith’s Garden.

This challenge is very similar to the previous ones, but the new one Revenant enemy cannot be killed unless you kill the enemies linked to it first. Keep that in mind and this test should be over as soon as possible, as you are at the recommended level. After completing the challenge, you will be rewarded with the fourth and final Word of Power, Break.

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