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Marvel’s mightiest hero returns from the dead and becomes a major obstacle for the current Sorcerer Supreme and Stephen Strange.

Spoilers for Marvel Comics’ Strange #9Marvel revealed the true identity of Revenant Prime, as Sentry, Marvel’s mightiest hero returns from the dead in a terrifying new form. In Strange #9 from Marvel Comics, the Blasphemy Cartel unleashes their most powerful undead weapon against Clea and Stephen Strange as Sentry gains the power of a hundred million insane ghosts. For a hero who lost control of his personality before, the new version of Sentry is as terrifying as ever.


In Strange #9 by Jed MacKay, Marcelo Ferreira, Roberto Poggi, Java Tartaglia, and VC’s Cory Petit from Marvel Comics, Stephen Strange’s Harvestman and Clea Strange’s Sorcerer Supreme of Earth attack the home of the Blasphemy Cartel, resurrecting the superhumans and user. them because of their evil deeds. However, after defeating the four Revenants unleashed by Director None, they reveal their most powerful undead hero, unleashing a Sentry with the power of “a hundred million insane ghosts,” replacing his original power head on. this.

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The Sentry’s Power Transforms into Something Evil

One of Sentry’s greatest gifts and curses is his incredible power, as no heroes in the Marvel Universe can match his true strength as he has the power of a million exploding suns. However, Sentry’s power also has a dark side. When he loses control and becomes the Void, his corrupt counterpart and god-tier abilities are infected to try to destroy the Marvel Universe and beyond. As a result, the heroes tried to erase the memories of Sentry’s heroic and evil form many times.

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Since Sentry was recently killed by Knull, the God of Symbiotes, in the King in Black event, his return is surprising. The Blasphemy Cartel used the souls of tens of millions of Revenants to return him to his terrifying undead form and transform the Sentry into Revenant Prime. With “the power of a hundred million insane ghosts,” taking down the latest, evil version of the Sentry, even for someone as specifically designed to eliminate Revenants as Harvestman, will be the greatest challenge Stephen Strange has faced in his new role.

Being a weapon of chaos makes the Blasphemy Cartel harder to take down. Marvel’s mightiest hero is almost unstoppable in his usual form. But, with Revenant Prime and millions of insane ghosts now fueling his power, it will take everything Clea and Stephen Strange have to stop the Blasphemy Cartel’s super-weapon. So what’s new Sentry have the ability? Readers will soon find out, as Strange #9 of Marvel Comics is in comic book stores now.

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