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Marvel Comics’ End of the Spider-Verse sees Peter Parker and his allies embark on a quest for a golden spider (giving off major Indy vibes).

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man #3

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Spider-Manfilled Peter Parker and his fellow Spiders Indiana Jones while End of the Spider-Verse. Since Shathra the Spider-Wasp has made countless Spider variants into her dark servants, her mission is to replace the Great Web of Life and Destiny with her own Great Nest. However, he also cuts entire strands of the Web as belonging to Jessica Drew’s Spider-Woman. Determined to get Jessica back, Peter Parker may as well be wearing a fedora in this new issue as he ventures into an ancient tomb to recover an ancient artifact.


In the new Spider-Man #3 from Dan Slott and Mark Bagley, there are only a few surviving Spider-Heroes left standing in the face of Shathra’s attack on the Great Web. However, Peter decides to try and save Jessica by retrieving the last golden Spider-Goddess spider that first wove the Great Web into being. Held inside a tomb in Central America and covered in all sorts of classic booby traps, Spider-Man, Night-Spider, and Araña finally find the golden spider, sitting on the hand of a statue (and unlike of the golden idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark at all). Funny, the similarity to Indiana Jones neither did the trio of Spiders lose.

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Spider-Man Goes Full Indiana Jones In Marvel’s End of the Spider-Verse

Indiana Jones Heist At The End Of The Spider-Verse

Fortunately, there’s no rolling boulder trying to flatten the trio after Night-Spider takes the golden spider. However, Peter Parker and his allies are soon attacked by a legion of Shathra’s corrupt Spider-Wasps. Regardless, it’s great to see Spider-Man embrace his inner Doctor Jones with all the ancient temple clichés and booby traps like spikes, crocodile pits, and the like.

While it’s unfortunate that there hasn’t been a direct adventuring archeologist variant of Spider-Man to help them out, Spider-Man Noir has had some Indy-styled adventures in his latest miniseries. However, Noir was one of the first Spiders harmed by Shathra. He also cut Jessica’s thread, erasing it from existence.

Even worse, the issue ends with Peter Parker also cut from the Great Web, unraveling from existence thanks to the corrupt Spider-Gwen. With only a golden spider capable of reweaving threads, it is unknown whether it can save both Peter and Jessica. Since Peter Parker’s Spider-Man is designated as the “Chosen One”, it’s not hard to guess who the other Spiders would choose if forced to choose. either way, of Spider-Man The latest adventure is definitely worth it Indiana Jones himself (and very happy while it lasted). Spider-Man #3 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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