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AmazingThe most anticipated foray into the terrifying Predator universe began this past August with Ed Brisson and Kev Walker’s “Predator #1.” Delivering all the explosive action and relentless horror that fans of the pop culture phenomenon crave, “Predator” introduces an all-new protagonist, Theta Berwick, who stalks the spaceways on a mission to eliminate in space the deadly alien killer, the Yautja. His quest for revenge has only just begun and this March, he’ll add to his kill count in an all-new hunt for “Predator #1″ and Amazing shared a look at the cover.

  • Along with rising actor Netho Diaz, Ed Brisson will begin the explosive next chapter of “Predator” in a new series that continues Theta’s thrilling journey.
  • Set years after the opening arc, the new series will be perfect for newcomers and a must-read for fans of Brisson’s “Predator” run so far.
  • The epic new saga will introduce a host of new trapped characters fighting for their lives against three unique Predators. Each Predator uses their vicious skills and disturbing expertise in unique and terrifying ways but they all share the same goal: Hunt. Kill. Repeat.
  • On a planet far from Earth, eight strangers find themselves in a deadly game. But this time, the Predators aren’t the only ones on the hunt. Someone has Yautja on their sites—and they’ve been looking for this game preserve for a long time. Get ready for a brutal, carnage-filled adventure that will blow away everything you thought you knew about Predators.
  • Check out the cover now and let your fears be reborn when “Predator #1” launches in March.
  • Don’t miss the final issue of Brisson’s first Predator arc by picking up “Predator #6″ on January 11, and look out for “Predator by Ed Brisson Vol. 1: Day of the Hunter TPB,” the collection containing all six issues, goes on sale this summer.

What they say:

  • Writer Ed Brisson: “As a lifelong Predator fan—since seeing the first one at the drive-in theater at too-young-of-an-age—writing comics is an absolute dream gig. I’m thrilled with the fan reaction and how I was able to bring Theta into Predator lore—a badass hunter the likes of which we haven’t seen since the Dutch dropped Jungle Hunter in 1987. My only problem with our first series is that it is finished too soon! I want—no…need—to write more in this universe. Fortunately, we return, with the incredible newcomer Netho Diaz in the art, to tell a story related to the continuation of the film, while breaking new ground. We’ve got a new cast, new Predators, and some big surprises waiting! If you read and liked our first series, you won’t want to miss out.”


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